Love Letter to Mazatlán

February 14, 2018

There are so many things to love about Mazatlán… here are my thoughts as we prepare to move to México City. 

The malecón

…is an unbelievable and wonderful asset to the city.  I love getting up in the morning and getting out for a fast walk.  The view is incredible, and almost every day is sunny.  Even in the summer when you get out early you can enjoy your exercise like you never would in even the best gym!  I always like walking in México City but you really can’t beat the ocean, can you?

My neighborhood

…is a comfortable, welcoming place.  We have friends and acquaintances here that are important to us.  We love being on a first name basis with lots of people, and feel lucky to be included when they have big news to report.  I will miss being greeted as I walk along by people who exercise at the same time I do, or who know me from my cancer shots or lab work, our local car wash guys and their families and others who live or work nearby.  I know I’ll eventually have something similar when we get established in our new neighborhood, but I think Mazatlecos may be more outgoing than people in other areas.

Every time I walk towards the Plazuela Machado and the tequila loving car wash guy a few streets down says to us in English “Good Morning, No Problem, Downtown Two Blocks” I laugh and say that is something I will miss!

The expat community

…here is really wonderful.  Paul and I both know that our friends are going to be the hardest to leave.  People make friends quickly here and we are so much richer for these friendships.  We are hoping that we will see people often on their layovers at least as México City is a transfer point for so many flights, but it sure will be different, especially at first.

Mazatlán Facebook pages and a Yahoo group show (usually) how helpful expats are – sharing tips, help finding needed items, and in general offering a hand when needed.  

The cultural offerings

…are really incredible here for such a small city.  I think we’ll especially miss Delfos Dance, although I imagine we will see them perform in México City occasionally.  Cultura does an amazing job with a diverse calendar of very high quality performances. 

The people are so accepting here 

They are very generous and open, even while trying to understand what we are saying in our less than perfect Spanish.  They smile, and feed you a word or sometimes even switch over to English themselves. Mazatlán has been a perfect “soft entry” to México for us, and for that we are so grateful.

It has a small town feel

…for a city of almost a half million. For example, over the years (until we became permanente) we had nothing but pleasant interactions at immigration. Same thing at the bank, when renewing license plates or drivers licenses or other usually frustrating transactions.  

They sure know how to party!  

Mazatlecos enjoy themselves no matter what they do but when they party you can’t help but join in the fun.  Carnaval, Moto Week, the marathon, Semana Santa, and my favorite of all – Dia de la Musica – are city wide fun times.  And they are so well managed, too!  I remember one year walking home from the North end of the malecón after watching a Carnaval parade and experiencing how expertly and fast the cleanup happened!  Truly amazing.

They’ve been so kind to me

When we moved here I was one of only a few people blogging about Mazatlán, and it was a kick to write about all of our new and fun experiences.  Over time some bloggers dropped out and others came in, but I have always felt that there was appreciation of my writing and my message of love for Mazatlán.  Several business owners have thanked me for showcasing their businesses over the years and I was even given an appreciation award by tourism some years ago. It’s been a lot of fun – and a lot of work – but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Our house is under contract now and we expect to head to México City not long after closing.  We are looking forward to our new adventure and will look back on our years here in Mazatlán with lots of love.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I have really enjoyed your blog. You will be missed when you leave.

      1. You are involved in so many groups and have contributed so much to this community. Gracias! I hope the best for you in the next adventure and enjoy being closer to the family.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Your post brings back such a flood of great memories. I know you will make as interesting a life in DF as you have in Mazatlan. My best to you and Paul.

      1. Hi Anne, We are excited about our next adventure, I miss you and will be a better correspondent going forward. xoxo

    1. I’ve been reading since it really was the countdown as you prepared for moving here. Let me say thank you from the bottom of my 💓 heart. Enjoy your new city, your family nearby, and lots of new adventures. You have left us with a wonderful resource, your excellent writing, and great ideas that still help newbies feel at home.

      1. Thanks so much Barbara, I appreciate your kind words. I’ll still keep blogging from Mexico City, hope you will continue to read. xoxo

    1. Hello, Nancy — Your blog has made the “adventure” of moving to & living in Mexico real and realizable for many. We appreciated the time you & Paul spent with us, and the information you shared. We wish you all the best in CDMX!
      Deborah &Jim

    1. Nancy, your blog helped us in our move to Maz, it will be a big loss to the community to have you leave . We all have our lives to live and I wish you and Paul the best on your new adventure. I can tell you, the friends are the hardest to leave. You will be lucky to fill in with family! Adios my friend.

      1. Hi Liesbeth, We are excited about our next chapter… but we know we will miss our friends made here. If you are ever in CDMX please give us a holler. xoxo

    1. Nancy, thanks for the reminders on the wonders of Mazatlan. Mazatlan will sorely miss you and Paul. All the best on your new adventures in Mexico City. We will continue to love your blog. We miss you but look forward to a visit sometime soon!

    1. Nancy, over the years as I traveled less and less due to health reasons, your blog was what kept me informed and wishing I could be there again. Thanks for all you’ve written about Mazatlan and its people and the photos…ahh, the photos. I suspect you will be doing the same for the DF in no time at all. Safe journey!

      1. Thanks so much Elena! You can bet I will keep on blogging from Mexico City and I even think it might really spark my blogging juju a bit! xoxo

    1. You will be missed! Hoping you continue your writing and keep us informed and entertained on your new life adventures. <3

      1. Hi Pamela, Of course I will keep writing, and I am so happy you’ll keep reading! xoxo

    1. I hope you’ll be blogging about Mexico City. I’ve always wanted to spend some time there but some of the stories you hear are kinda scary. I’m sure you’ll alleviate some of our fears about travelling there. I’ve been a fan of your blog since the beginning and have learned so much about Mazatlan and share your love of it. You will be missed! Best wishes on your new adventure.

      1. Hi Linda, Thanks so much! I think people share scary stories of many places that are a long ways from the usual happenings. We take reasonable precautions and just love CDMX. Can you tell I am excited to move there?? Take care, Nancy

    1. You have been a wonderful Mazatlan booster. The city will be less without you as will your friends but DF will be richer for having you. From our inauspicious beginning about where to buy yarn in Maz to our wonderful knitting times now, we have come a long way. Thanks for your blog and all the wonderful things you did.

      1. Ingrid, I know I will miss you like crazy and I am thankful that (however it happened) we met and became such good friends. xoxo

    1. The adventure continues! I’ve also been following you since it was a ‘countdown’ but not as closely since you’ve cut back on the blog and gone to FB(?) I’ll have to sign in there and follow again in this new undertaking. Best of luck in the move and the adaptation.
      Larry in Sumner, WA

      1. Hi Larry, Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. I think that being on our 11th year here in Mazatlán made me lose interest in posting so much as things didn’t seem so interesting to report on now that they were just everyday life. I am thinking that our move will really get me back into frequent blogging! I’ll always continue to share my posts on Facebook too and you can sign up for my mailing list from Facebook or on the sidebar of the blog. Saludos!

    1. You will be missed by many. However the lovely home you created will live on in someones heart. We hope to see you once you are settled in your new home in Mexico City. We haven’t spent much time in person over the years but your blog has kept us close. Thank you for being the special folks that you are. I hope those in your new city know how lucky they are to have you.

    1. I miss you already! This observation
      “Good Morning, No Problem, Downtown Two Blocks”
      Made me laugh. That guy…
      See you in the big taco!

    1. Hi Nancy, have so enjoyed reading your blog the last few years. When I first found it I went back and started reading from the beginning and enjoyed every one. You worked so hard to get ready for the move to Mazatlan and now you are on to Mexico City and will be closer to your family – that is a win. Learned much about Mazatlan, cooking beans and what it is to be a strong woman dealing with cancer and the treatment and where to buy all sorts of stuff – I thank you for all the time and effort it has taken over the years to keep the blog current. Will look forward to your post from Mexico City. Wishing you a safe move to your new home

      1. Sandy, I can’t tell you how nice it was to get your comment! I have appreciated your support all these years, too. Remember how hard we tried to get that forum going? Thank you for everything, and also for coming along when we make the move! Take care and thank you again!

    1. Hola Nancy!
      Great post! F and I very much enjoyed the week we spent in Mazatlán during Semana Santa 2010. It’s a lovely place, and it seems (from reading your blog) like it has only gotten better. I’m sure it’s going to be tough to leave. But for purely selfish reasons I’m happy you’re moving to CDMX as the odds of us being able to meet up are FAR higher there than in Maz.

      Also, given the relative lack of expats in CDMX, I’m very curious how your social life will develop there. While people in CDMX are friendly, they aren’t as friendly as in some of the smaller cities in Mexico, and gringos are few and far between. Of course I’m sure y’all will land on your feet.

      Saludos y un abrazo,

      Kim G
      Redding, CA
      Where there are surprisingly few Spanish speakers.

      1. Semana santa here is pretty nuts, I can’t say I exactly love it but it is something to experience!

        I wish you’d get over your Facebook-itis… we are on lots of Facebook pages for expats in Mexico City. I have a number of blogger friends in CDMX already with whom I get together when possible during visits and hopefully those friendships will flourish. I have already hooked up with an English language book group and another group of knitters. There are often posts soliciting people to get together for drinks, hikes, go to cultural events or even travel a couple hours away for fun. People share everything, asking questions about where to find goods, how to navigate bureaucracy, and much more. Now for sure many of them are younger than me but that has never been a barrier for me before! After all, I went to college at 36! So I feel fine about our chances of hooking up with like minded friends, probably not as quickly as here in Maz but it is certainly not a worry for me.

        Have you made any more progress in thinking through your possibilities? xoxo Nancy

    1. Hola Nancy,
      Well, maybe you’re right about getting over my Facebookphobia. But I do think it’s creepy how they take all your personal information and sell it to the highest bidder. That said, I have considered joining under an assumed name. But even then, they’d probably track me down one way or other.

      Still, what you wrote does sound compelling. As for me thinking of possibilities, I did write a blog post a while ago. My mother has finished chemo and we are now waiting for her passport to arrive. Whatever happens, we’ll at least go to Mexico to look at options for her. What ends up being her long term living arrangement remains an open question.

      In any case, I do very much look forward to meeting you in person some day in CDMX. When do you all think you’ll be there? I have at least one restaurant recommendation for you when you go.

      Saludos y un abrazo,


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