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June 19, 2010

Last time I posted about all the fresh paint going up around town I had said it would be my last post on the topic.  Well, enough people said they enjoyed them so here is another, and yes, this will be my last post about it, for sure!  Especially since we had a few sprinkles last night and I expect the rainy season to begin sometime in the next week – and it really isn’t a good idea to paint when the humidity is high!  (Not saying that no one will be painting, just not so many, I’m sure…)

So, without further delay, here goes!

The lovely building at the top is the lavanderia (laundry) business and home of the folks we used before we bought our own machines.  The house used to be a faded pink.  I love the dark color scheme.

This one is in the “what were they thinking” category.  This poor little house has seen better days, I’m sure.  The grass growing where the roof should be and the decayed wall – I don’t know, it seems to me it needed a bit of repair before it deserved paint.


Some of the color combinations we see are a bit shocking, but this little guy looks great with such a bright color scheme!


Now here’s one that’s quite soft and muted.  I love this house.


Here’s a series, first one is before: (Notice what I call (thanks to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) the Tree of Heaven at the roof line?)


Then, after:


But maybe you want to see a closeup of that roof line?  Funny!


Here’s another beauty:


But want to see what it looked like before?  I mourn the loss of this lovely bougainvillia.


Here’s another before & after… Before:


and After:  (I think these might be perfect canvases for new art works…)


Another cool beauty:


This is another “what were they thinking” one.  This ruin consists of only exterior walls.  Inside, there is a parking lot.  But it is entirely crumbling and the top of the facade is just raw brick! (It is garbage night, the bags will be picked up in an hour or so…)


The Medrano building is a very special building in Mazatlán.  I think it’s looking beautiful.  Now if only its owners would find a new use for it!


Here’s another one I that I teased you about earlier.  The first is a before picture of the Genaro Estrada house:


They did some concrete repairs but little cleaning on the exterior before the paint went on.


Here’s the finished product.  It’s too bad that they don’t do anything to the woodwork, makes it look a bit like a pretty lady with runs in her stockings!


I hope you’ve enjoyed a tour of the new paint in Centro Historico!  

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I think the soft and muted home is my favorite. It is so elegant yet simple looking.

    1. Too bad, Nancy, but I am afraid by proxy you have become our art and architecture historian for Centro! You’re going to have to do regular follow-ups. I see these buildings all the time, but presented in sequence like this makes them really pop out for me. You know, so many people have moaned about that purple and green building, but shhhhhhhh, I don’t think it looks all that bad.


      1. Hi John, I deleted your other comment since your email comes to me as the blog owner if you fill it in. I’ll email you separately, it was great to chat the other day. Talk to you soon!

        Zoe, Oh No, no more responsibilities for me, it sounds too much like work! I am just having fun here. And I like the purple & green one, too. My San Francisco roots, I guess.

        Jackie, Those are more Pacific Northwest colors than Mexican but they are beautiful.

    1. Wow! What a treat! I have a new perspective of Mazatlan thanks to your great fotos! The blog I did about vibrant colors in Merida’s homes compliments your blog and gives all our readers a good idea of what color they may, or may not, choose for their home next time they decide to paint! 🙂

    1. I for one love the paint posts! I hope you find time to post some follow-ups this fall.

    1. I like all the pictures and especially the paint choices. It takes courage, or a very different culture, to paint some of those colors next to each other.

      1. Merida Mikey, Thanks, I thought our posts complimented each other, too! Our house is yellow with purple trim, what’s yours?

        Kelly, Thanks, I will try, depending on what fix-ups go on this summer.

        Terry, Glad you liked the pictures, I love all the color – this is Mexico, after all!

    1. I opted for a non-cnspicuous color scheme and went with tan, white trim, black wrought iron. Boring by comparison, huh?

    1. OMG! They painted over the turtles! I loved the artwork on that wall! At least I have my own “before” photos. Did they also paint over the art on the building across the street?

      Mazatlan has so many really wonderful buildings. It’s nice to see them get fixed up. The old centro would be amazing if a bunch of people who wanted to renovate moved in. The city has good bones.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we’ve done plenty of our own renovating.

      1. Kim G,

        Yes, we had quite the painting project going on around here. There is lots more wall art now than when you were here during Semana Santa. I’m sure there will be new art on this wall one day soon, too.

        Centro has a lot of renovated buildings and is well occupied. There are vacant ruins here and there but lots and lots of well maintained and renovated houses here.

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