Day of the Dead 2017 - CDMX & Tepoztlán

Our November 2017 trip to México City to share El Dia de los Muertos with family.

Puebla 2017

Photos from our trip in August 2017

Roma Norte 2014

Roma Norte in Mexico City, October 2014

Botanical Garden on Stone Island

There's a gorgeous botanical garden on Isla de la Piedra - quite a hidden treat!

Carnaval 2014

Ajijic - 2013

A summertime visit to the Lake Chapala area.

Carnaval 2013

The fun and festivities of Mazatlán's 2013 Carnaval!

Palm Trees

Palm trees in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Day of the Dead 2012

Enjoy a few pictures from the callejoneada!

Tropical Flowers

Photos of tropical flowers in my Mazatlán garden. (And a few from other people's gardens in town)

Mexican Textiles

Diego Rivera murals in Mexico City

The murals are in the National Palace in Mexico City.

2012 Carnaval

Photos from the 2012 Mazatlán Carnaval celebration

Mérida 2011

Paul and I visited Mérida in November 2011.

Puebla 2011

Paul spent three weeks in Puebla attending intensive Spanish school. He took a few pictures of Puebla, Cholula, and Teotihuacan.

Mexico Today Oaxaca Trip

Pictures from a wonderful trip to Oaxaca for the Mexico Today kick off event.

Art for All Occasions

Our special days are celebrated by jointly choosing art for our home

Estero de Yugo

The Estero de Yugo is a tidal and freshwater estuary North of Mazatlan.

Oaxaca 2010

We flew to Oaxaca in August 2010. We spent a week there, and enjoyed the museums, shopping, eating, and visiting the towns of Teotitlan del Valle and Tule. A separate gallery is for our visits to the ruins of Monte Albán and Mitla.

2010 Carnaval

Photos from Mazatlán's 2010 Carnaval - February 11-16

Monte Albán & Mitla 2010

While visiting Oaxaca in August of 2010 we visited the ruins of Monte Albán and Mitla.

Mérida 2009

Photos from our trip to Mérida for the Blogger get-together in April of 2009.

Uxmal and Kabah 2009

During our trip to the blogger get-together in Mérida in April 2009, Paul and I visited the ruins of Uxmal and Kabah.


Expo Canino 2009 - Dog Art hit the streets of Mazatlan - March 7, 2009

2009 Carnaval

Photos of Mazatlan's 2009 Carnaval season. Starting with the city getting ready....continuing throughout the celebration.

Morelia 2009

Our trip to Morelia in December 2009

Mexico City Nov 2009

Nancy's long weekend in DF Click "View with PicLens" to browse through the photos.

2008 Mazatlan Moto Parade

Photos from the 2008 Moto Parade. Unfortunately I was facing into the sun!

Mazatlan Graffiti


A few photos of hummingbirds found in our garden in Mazatlán.

2008 Mazatlan Carnaval

A few photos from the last Carnaval parade.

Dog Training in Mexico City

Dog trainers collect dogs from their clients in Mexico City's Colonia Condesa for dog training classes daily. Here they are working with approximately 50 dogs in Parque México.

La Lagunilla Sunday Market in Mexico City

La Lagunilla is a large Sunday antiques and collectibles market in Mexico City. We had a lot of fun looking at everything and I was wishing we were driving back home so we could have bought some goodies!

Vivero Yautepec

While spending the day at Tepotzlan we decided to visit Vivero Yautepec. It is a gigantic nursery, with extensive stock of Mexican fruit trees (and everything else) They will ship throughout Mexico.

Upstairs Patio Fix-up

Our upstairs patio was sunny and bare. Now it is an oasis in the center of Mazatlán.

Around Mazatlan

Various photos from around Mazatlan

Sala Fresca Project

We loved our sala fresca but got a bit tired of the rain coming in and when the opportunity to use these lovely windows came about, we decided to take on yet another project!

Courtyard remodel project

Our courtyard was a mess. Overgrown plants, broken tile, and the windows had no shelter from the rain and sun. Plus, we wanted a fountain!

Our dog pictures

Pictures of our dogs.

Independence Day Parade 2008

A few pictures from the September 16, 2008 parade.

Our House

When we bought our 1890's house it was mostly restored/remodeled....but there was plenty left to do. Paint, finishing the kitchen, light fixtures, and much more.

Mazatlan Ruins

I love the old homes around Centro, even the ones that are falling to ruin. Maybe someone will bring them back to life in the future...I hope.

Backyard remodel project

Our backyard was a concrete wasteland, not friendly to dogs or humans. The remodel will use salvage historic materials to go with our 100+ year old house. And grass!


I wish I'd taken pictures of more of my projects over the years, but here is some of what I've done.

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