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July 25, 2009

I love all the old buildings in Centro Historico.  Some of them are really in bad shape, but you can tell they were beauties at one time.  At the top of the post is one I’ve written about before, located at Mariano Escobedo and Niños Heroes.  It is the Mansion of the Garcías, and was constructed in 1870. I had seen people working in there, but I had also been told that it was “just a cleanup.”  Sometimes the city orders them to go in and clean up, probably because of breeding mosquitoes.

Anyway, it is clear that they are actively working on the building, there is scaffolding up all the way around the corner. Every morning when I pass by there are at least a dozen workers, both inside and out.  I would sure like to know what is happening with it, but regardless of its new use I am happy it is going to be cared for.


Another one is the Genero Estrada house on Melchor Ocampo between Belisario Dominguez and Carnaval. (above)  I had seen activity in the house a few months ago, but it had stopped, and I assumed it had just been a clean up.  But today two large trucks partially blocked the street for a half hour as they unloaded a number of very substantial steel beams.

I kept an eye on the place and after the beams were unloaded workers walked all over the interior (you can see right in) and I am assuming work is going to be starting back up there.  I really hope so.

For any Mazatlán lovers who would like to see some of the old buildings that have been documented by the city, I highly recommend checking out the link here. The English translations are kind of funny sometimes but there is a lot of great information and pictures.



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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Thanks for the news and that link. Apropos of nothing, I am flying out of Toronto to London in 8 hours. I should finish packing…

    1. Is there any semblance of a Mazatlan Preservation Society that you know of? I’ve only visited once (so far) but I too love the Centro architecture and ambiance. How would the offer of gringo financial assistance go over with the local people?

    1. There is a preservation society. It’s called Proyecto Centro Historico and is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of historic downtown Mazatlan. You can make donations by becoming a Friend of the Proyecto Centro Historico. The director is Veronica Rico. Her office is above Pedro y Lola – you enter through the jewelry store next door. Her email is pchmazatlan@gmail.com. The website is http://www.mazatlancentrohistorico.com. It’s annoyingly all flash, so be patient.

      The Proyecto Centro Historico is involved with events like Art Walk and Cinema en la Calle. They are the local office of the IANH. They are recently responsible for the new, diffused lighting along Olas Altas, lighting in the Plaza, and the new historical landmark signs you see in downtown. Right now they are working on establishing a neighborhood watch and getting all of the electric cabling from the Plaza to Olas Altas moved underground. It’s a great organization that has had a lot to do with all of the things that make Mazatlan’s downtown to charming.

    1. Isla Gringo, We have unfortunately been told by our contractor that he talked to the owner and it is just iron to stabilize the walls.

      Michael, No hay problema! Have fun in England!

      Les, I love it when readers talk amongst themselves, see Jennifer’s answer to your question!

      Jennifer, Gracias, amiga!

      Beth, Hope you enjoyed that link, it had been originally given to me by two Maz bloggers, Jennifer and Sandy (see my blogroll)

    1. Hi well this is oficial some one buy this property, and this week i hear from some tourism bussines men thats gona be a coffe shop but none said me exactly what coffe shop chain, i infer that probably it gona be a Sanborns because its a big building and well in Mexico they have “Casa de los Azulejos” http://www.frommers.com/destinations/mexicocity/A24285.html well but the true its that any one knows excactly but i expect a great restauration work

    1. Leobardo,

      Wow, that would be amazing news! I am going to see if I can find anyone willing to talk about it!

    1. Hi Nancy and Paul. I wonder if that is the corner building where the Museo del Carnaval is going to be housed. If not, and it is indeed destined to be a coffee shop, I read that Starbucks is doing so well with their location in the Zona Dorada that they are planning to open one in Centro Historico and another up around the marina.

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