You Have to Laugh

February 1, 2018

Yesterday afternoon we heard police sirens over and over again.  I got up and looked out the door and there was a Transito car outside trying to get people to move their cars.  I could see some heavy equipment down the road, waiting.

Of course most of the cars didn’t belong to residents so they stayed there until later in the evening when we saw several get towed away.

This morning there was little traffic on the street although some cars did sneak in and park.  What were they thinking?!?

Before the day is out we will have new asphalt on most of Belisario Dominguez, at least down our way.  They did the same thing the last time they repaved, probably about five years ago.


No pesky notices to residents, no big deal I guess.  You just have to laugh at how things that are so complicated elsewhere are kind of simple here.  And can’t we all use a laugh?

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. One of the things I admire about Mexico is the lack of BS in doing these kind of jobs. We see underpasses or overpasses, roads, highway off-ramps started and finished in a matter of months not years. Meanwhile in the modern supposedly first rate country NOB, construction takes years and associated proportionate money to boot.
      There is something refreshing in seeing some large rocks painted to show caution, vs lit safety cones place miles before the job, as well as illuminated signs advising of road work. Sometime simpler is better less complicated.

    1. Yeah that you get new asphalt.
      Here on the Isla they are putting in a sewer system and the roads are all torn up. Yesterday the only road to the colonia was torn up so they cut a hole in the cement fence around the baseball diamond and we now have to drive thru there to go pick up our laundry. It works but yes you have to laugh.

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