Friday night party

April 30, 2011

Above is the statue is of José Ángel Espinoza “Ferrusquilla” – note the moto with three guys on it in at the right!


I think Moto Week is my favorite event of the year in Mazatlán.  It is just such a happy time, all the bikers and those watching are having so much fun! This afternoon is the parade, so we’re not done with Moto Week yet!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Great shots. Loved the sounds of the video. We have never experienced something like this. Colin’s first pregunda was “where do they all come from?” and then tongue in cheek, “aren’t they ‘afraid’ to go to Mazatlan?”. Gotta love living there, I am envious!! Enjoy.

    1. We really miss Moto Week this year. It is just such a fun party time. Looks like the pics are in front of the Canucks de Leon restaurant, hope it is going well for Aljehandro. Unfortunatly at home today it is raining with temp’s going down to 2 deg C tomorrow and a forecast of a couple of cm’s of snow. Please tell me why we are still not in Maz???

    1. I’m sure going to miss that parade too. Last year’s was so much fun. And as I’m with Sandie experiencing this weather in Winnipeg, I feel the same way. Only good thing is Monday it warms up again.

    1. And here, it is just about the most perfect weather one could have; if only we could stop it right now! It was fun last night getting on my rooftop to watch the parade go by but John is visiting a friend up north near Guaymas and took the camera. I think I like the sounds as much as anything. I bet you are a cycle chick at heart, Nancy. ‘-)

    1. Great post! I like the last one too!

      Some day, I’ll ride my motorcycle to Moto Week in Maz. I’ve also got a longstanding hankering to ride the bike up Route 40 to Durango from Maz too. It looks delightfully twisty and interesting.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where, with the nice weather (finally!), the motos are also out and about.

      1. Contessa, It is a wonderful event, very friendly and happy!

        Sandie and Mike, Why aren’t you still in Maz? I think April and May are just fantastic here.

        Ingrid, Hope you get some warm, the parade was wonderful, I need to do some video editing!

        Zoe, Glad you enjoyed it from up high, we were over by the Venado and had great fun. If I hadn’t had my kids so young I mighta been a lot of things, I think they saved me from my wild side! But I do love the bikes!

        Kim, You’d have a blast here for Moto Week, do it! The new highway from Durango to Maz will be done next year but I’m sure the old “devil’s backbone” will still be available to drive if you want. Did you read Greg and Diannes post about driving it (in their car) last week? Here’s the link.

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