It’s Time to Check-In Again

October 26, 2021

I’ve been AWOL for too long, sorry about that! It’s been hard to think of interesting things to blog about when we’ve been mostly home and nothing seems new enough or interesting enough to share with you. But that is going to change!

I’ve recently been thinking about the reasons that the blog has sort of taken a back seat in my life and I believe one of the big reasons is Facebook. Most of us on Facebook have a love-hate relationship with it and I’m no different. Well actually maybe I am as it’s mostly turning into a hate-hate relationship. So many interactions are really just a little “like” or “heart” and while those are nice they are not very meaningful. I’m sure most of you have thought about exiting Facebook at one time or another. I am almost to that point and am thinking I’ll be leaving by the end of the year. So please if you are one of my Friends or have Liked or Followed Countdown to Mexico, please sign up on the right side of the page for my mailing list so you don’t miss a post. I plan on sticking with Instagram for now so you can follow me there for photos if you’re into that. Follow the Instagram link on the right side, too.

Our sweet friend Henry (who made the journey to México from Washington State with us) passed away in August at the age of 16. RIP Henny Penny

Back in the heyday of blogs (like in 2007 – 2015 or so) you could really learn a lot about life in Mexico by curating a blogroll. I have made so many good friends while blogging – other bloggers but also many blog readers. I’m going to try to blog more about what life is like here for those who are considering Mexico. I know it’s a big move and getting a glimpse of life in your target area can really help your transition.

I’ll never be the kind of blog to follow when you need the nuts and bolts of applying for a visa or importing your car or whatever. But you might find it interesting to see how daily life goes for an American living in a noisy barrio in a small town on Lake Chapala.

My philosophy is really “just go for it.” Don’t ask Facebook where to buy ribbon or where the closest laundry is or where the best tacos are. Go find them yourself! That is what makes this life an adventure every day. That’s why I love it here. People are nice, and generally (well, when we could see them without a mask, that is) smiling and helpful. I encourage you to learn some Spanish, read the local paper, shop at local tiendas and become friendly with your neighbors.

Gorgeous trees next to the bike path in San Antonio Tlayacapan

So that’s my new resolution – to be a blogger you can count on for fun and interesting posts on everyday life. I hope you’ll let me know (by leaving a comment) things you’d like me to write about or questions you have. Also, if you know other blogs that could be included in my blogroll, please send me a link in a comment, too.

The local caballeros having fun on their day off for Independence Day. The brick colored house that appeared briefly is ours.

If you’re new to the blog, I have been blogging since 2006 – which was before we even moved to Mexico. We arrived in late 2007 so there is lots here to entertain you… just go to the right side of the page and select a month (or go to the beginning and work your way forward.) You can also choose a Category and browse the blog by topic. Any and all comments are welcome. Maybe you want to go to the About page and learn about us first. Anyway, if you’re new here, welcome!

(That picture at the top? Look closely. Mi Casa Es Tu Casa is set in stone UPSIDE DOWN! I love it!

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Hi Nancy, I have read most of your blog posts going back to when you first moved to Mazatlan. I have always been curious why you left Mazatlan and what were your likes and dislikes there. Perhaps I missed that post?

      1. Our intention was to move to Mexico City to live close to our family. When that idea fell through we decided to see how the Lake Chapala area worked for us. After living in Maz for 11 years, we just couldn’t take the weather for half the year. This is a great location to get to a lot of places within an easy drive and the weather is amazing. We still miss our friends in Maz so much, though. We hope to get back for a visit this winter and still own a little house there. Thanks for reading all these years! I hope you’ll stay with me!

        1. We have the same issue with heat in San Carlos for five months each year. Life is too short to hunker down inside with AC that long. We adore Mazatlan but the heat has to be considered. Perhaps it’s time to check out your area and find a way to split our time with Mazatlan.

    1. I appreciate your comments about FB because I, too, am disliking it more and more. However, after wading through the ads, I find it does allow for some connection with friends I don’t see in person. Blogs can be so much more interesting. You are living in a much smaller community, it seems. I enjoy the photos and descriptions of your street, the town, and the area. What are your neighbors like? Is there a good Mercado or do you shop store to store for things you need? The picture with this post is wonderful! My best to you both.

      1. Hi Suanna, Hope you and Les are well. The whole Ribera de Chapala is only about 60,000 people so it is a small area. Of course we’re only an hour to Guadalajara so we have a big city close by. It is very different to live in such a small town but it is fun, too. Thanks for the ideas about the mercado and stores, I will post about them in the future. Take care and we hope to see you in Maz this winter.

    1. Yes, I hear you. After first travelling throughout Mexico in 1975 many years after I discovered blogs about Mexico.
      They were my lifeline but slowly many bloggers dropped off. Now retired we now come to Merida for 6 mos. The Facebook people can be brutal, or responses after not fully understanding the poster’s point or question and the endless repetitive queries without searching on past posts. Oh well, keep it up. I’m happy to read your posts whenever the mood arises for you.

      1. Thanks so much for your comment Ronaldo. I am really going to work at bringing more interesting local content to the blog. Thanks for reading! PS I LOVE Mérida!

    1. I’ve been following you since you lived in Mazatlan. We are spending our third winter in our own house in the Cerritos area after many years of RVing. My blog only runs in the winter as we have never had internet at home in northern BC and cell data is too expensive for blog posts. Quick posts, with pictures are possible on Facebook and it allows me to stay in touch with friends and family. I also have found some of the group sites informative especially travelling “in the time of Covid.” Nothing is perfect I guess!

      1. Hi Kathryn, Thanks so much for commenting and I am excited to add your blog to my blogroll! Hope you have a wonderful winter this year!

    1. It is good to see you back blogging. I too have taken a break from blogging and FB. We are heading to Merida, Mexico City and Guadalajara soon. It will be good to be out and about.

      1. Thanks so much Deb! I realized I didn’t have you on my blogroll, where should I put you, under snowbirds? Have fun in your travels and thank you so much for reading and commenting.

    1. I didn’t realize we both started writing the same year-2006. I assume Babsblog is on your blogroll as you are on mine

      1. Of course you’re on my blogroll! Remember that fabulous forum run by John from Viva Veracruz? Such fun! xoxo

    1. Nancy, your blogs are great and it is always wonderful to hear from you. Glad you are back on! Love to get your viewpoint on what is happening….

      1. Hi Kathi! It was so great to see you the other day even though our lunch was a bit of a miss. Hope the rest of your visit is fun and I appreciate your comments that helped me get a fresh perspective on the blog. xoxo

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I have lived in a small community in the state of Hidalgo for 4 years now. Your blog is one of the ones I read in preparation for moving here. It was very interesting and helpful for me. I appreciated all the information you had on preparing for your move and adjusting to life here.

      1. Hi Ellen, Thanks so much for writing! I don’t know anyone living in Hidalgo – maybe you would consider writing a guest blog? Thanks so much for your comment and do let me know!

    1. I started reading these ‘Mexico blogs’ way back when RSS feeds first became a thing. Your blog was one of the first (& Steve Cotton, the Mexile, etc.) and I remember bookmarking the URL because of the links to all the other Mexico blogs. We’ve been planning a move to Mexico for many years and hopefully next year will be the time. We’re going to spend a month in Ajijic after visiting Oaxaca and other places, then decide on a semi-permanent location. I’m now retired, but having worked in computer security for 30 years, I will never use Facebook, Instagram, etc. The use of my private data to enrich some tech entrerpreneur is not my idea of privacy.

      1. Hi BobP, Thank you so much for being such a long time reader, and also for commenting here. How exciting that you’re now ready to look for the place to start your own Mexican adventure. Have fun and keep in touch!

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