La Frontera with Pati Jinich

October 29, 2021

Many of us don’t know much about the border area between México and Texas. I’ve driven over the border a few times, but never through Texas, and I’ve always been curious what it’s like.

We have always enjoyed Pati Jinich’s cooking shows where she explores her native México – both the cuisine and the people.

We just finished watching a two part special about the México-Texas border called La Frontera and I highly recommend it.

There were so many surprises for me in the shows but mostly I was happy to see how the communities on both sides of the border are united in so many ways. Of course Texas was part of México until the Mexican-American War and many of the Mexicans in Texas lived there before it was a part of the United States.

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There were many very moving parts in the episodes, but two stuck out for me. The first is an annual festival in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo that celebrates George Washington and culminates in an abrazo (hug) between representatives of both countries. A photo of a mural depicting this ceremony is at the top of this post. The second is when we are introduced to a nun who works at the border and see her interacting with families new to the country.

I really hope that you are able to find this program and watch for yourself. It was a real treat. Just don’t watch on an empty stomach or you’ll find yourself with a serious craving!

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    1. Will try and find that show. Such a lovely mural.

    1. Thanks, I enjoy Pati’s cooking show and now will watch more of her shows.

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