Our Local Gym – Zona Fitness

October 10, 2019

Paul and I joined the Zona Fitness gym in Riberas a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed going together at least three times a week. We mostly use the treadmills and bikes but sometimes the weights, too.

Upstairs is for spinning classes

As gym newbies we like being able to watch people work on the machines so that we get an idea of what they do before we give them a try. There are staff here who are happy to help on an occasional basis or you can hire a trainer by the hour.

My view from my treadmill, see Paul on the bike by the door?

I joined a few women friends on their trainer-led abs workout in the back room one day and was sore for days afterwards… so I am trying to strengthen on my own to be able to rejoin them one day in the future.

Jorge (see his picture at the top of the post) and his team are very professional and passionate about fitness. Their team always wins in local body building championships. I like that it’s a place where older women like me feel comfortable alongside dedicated bodybuilders.

The gym is a fully multicultural. Always a mix of young and old, Mexican and American/Canadians, hard bodies and pudgy ones. Everyone is pleasant to each other and everyone seems to remember to wipe off the machines after use.

I think the prices are very good. A year is 3,000 pesos or approximately $150 USD. The hours are great, too.

I haven’t bought a beverage here but their protein drinks are small for 35 pesos ($1.75 USD) and large is 50 pesos ($2.50 USD). Most mornings when I’m there a woman comes in with her wooden tray selling fresh squeezed juice, her green juice is delicious for 25 pesos. And it comes in a recyclable cup with a straw made from avocado pits!

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