Who Am I Now?

April 21, 2020

I’ve always been a hardworking goal-oriented person and usually accomplish a fair bit every day. I have a hard time sitting still and need various projects on the go. While I’m not an extrovert I have a need for interaction with others on a frequent basis.

You are probably much the same. That’s why it’s so hard to stay at home so much. Who am I? Is this me?

I do keep busy, as you probably do, too. I exercise every morning, jogging in circles in our upstairs sala fresca (the room that is screened and the only furniture is two hammocks that I unhook while I work out.) I listen to my Pandemic Playlist and go round and round every morning using various hand weights. I am so grateful to a Facebook friend for suggesting it (she jogs on her mirador) as it has helped a lot with my ability to sleep and manage stress. And who would say that going in circles is any different than the monotony of a treadmill? The Spotify playlist will likely be linked in my memory forever with this time as the 400+ song list has been a big part of this time for me.

Of course I read a lot, and knit, and cook. And clean. We’re all cleaning our own houses now, isn’t that a thrill? But it is a good workout to mop the entire house, last time it earned me almost 10,000 steps on my Fitbit.

Our garden takes time, too. Before this all happened we had some help turning our run down yard into a bit of a tropical paradise. Of course it is the warm season here so we are watering a lot and weeding all the newly turned beds over and over. (do you sense a circular theme here?) The plants are coming along and once the rainy season arrives it will fill in a lot. The gardeners we hired did a very hard pruning on our pomegranate tree but it has recovered nicely and we even have some pomegranates coming! That’s a picture from the tree at the top of the post.

The upstairs plastic bin veggie garden takes some tending, too. We’ve had a lot of good food from them – I love being able to make an impromptu salad with just a run upstairs. Bins work great for us as long as you remember to water them every day. It’s time for me to do a bit of replanting as all that remains right now is cantaloupe, beets, and swiss chard. We just finished the beans and tomatoes.

We are getting most of our food delivered – there are lots of great services popping up here so that is nice. Right now I’m waiting for an order of organic veggies and tomorrow is a Costco delivery. Our cupboards are full and aside from an occasional craving for a Snickers bar, we are good.

We have lots of TV and movie options so in the evening we’ve always got something good to watch. Lately we’ve been watching a (free) Apple TV series called HOME that I highly recommend as well as a British TV show called Endeavour that is fantastic. (It’s the prequel to Inspector Morse) We’ve also “attended” various online concerts, supporting our local musicians, and casting them to the TV.

But it truly does seem somewhat endless and I wonder when the all-clear comes what it will feel like to step out our door. How wonderful to hug my friends and sit in a restaurant chatting for hours. To invite people over, to just up and go whenever we want. We went for a drive last Sunday and all the access to the lake here was taped off. Even the hiking trails that are so well used here are taped off and closed.

I am glad to be here, sheltering in place. I have a great partner, a lovely home, two sweet dogs and so much to be grateful for. That also brings me to our favorite local charities that are doing so much during this hard time. The first is Lakeside Food Bank who are providing decent dispensas to needy people throughout the area. The other is the Tepehua Community Center who are providing for people in the very poor community of Tepehua. I know they’d appreciate a donation if you have a little to spare. This crisis is devastating to those who live day to day and in very close quarters.

I hope you are all managing to find things to be grateful for and that you can give a bit to help those in your community who are having a hard time. Take care and stay safe everyone.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Love Endeavour nancy. You might also look for Broadchurch if you haven’t seen it. Olivia Colman at her best. Glad you are staying busy and well. We are glad we chose Washington State. Enough said!

      1. Hi Anne, Paul and I love so many British shows. We loved all of Doc Martin, Agatha Raisin, Last Tango in Halifax, Detectorists, etc. We will check out Broadchurch, thanks for the recommendation! I hope you and Peter are well, we miss you. xoxo

    1. My self-isolation routine has not been very different than my Before Times routine. Back then, I would spend the vast majority of my day in the house on my own — reading, researching, writing. I have been making trips to the grocery store. But they are fast in-and-out routines. I have been feeding people at my house each day — people who have lost all income. And I check to see that my neighbors are doing well.

      When the “all clear” is sounded, I will probably not notice much in the way of changed routines.

      But you have got me thinking again about a vegetable garden on the upper terrace. At least, some herbs. Of course, plants will be growing and I will be off on more travels.

      1. Hi Steve. You’re going into the hot season in your area so you’ll be a bit limited as to what you can grow but I am looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. Stay safe!

    1. Are you cooking any differently? For us I am being more thoughtful about stretching our food, and making more dishes like beans, stews, etc.. We enjoy these kind of meals, plus always try to have something on hand for a hungry neighbor. Prior to this time, our standard meal was grilled chicken, salad and a side, and then I would add variety by going OUT. Now I have to create my own variety which I am enjoying very much. You are shopping by delivery, but we still make trips to the store. Now I am much more conscious about getting everything we need for the week, as much as possible. I am hoping these new habits become our new normal.
      Still trying to establish an exercise routine…poco a poco. I’ve done Yoga Mo’s online yoga class a few times and its great (Loveland Colorado Parks and Rec has a great menu of exercise opportunities).
      Happy quarantining!

      1. Hi Mary! Interesting question about cooking – I think we are more adventurous— the other night we made our own pasta and we are eating a ton of veggies. I’ve had several veggie deliveries from Muyaru and one of organic veggies from Machima (the organic restaurant) so that is good for our health! I have gone out a few times, for medicine once and once to Smitty’s for their wonderful yoghurt and once to the Saturday organic market here in SAT at O-Lin Vegan. We’ve had dinner delivered a few times, from Purple Garlic and Pasta Trenta. I haven’t shared any food with my neighbors but we have donated to the food bank and will make that a weekly thing. I miss getting together with you and Tom, if this goes on too long maybe we do it on a video chat! xoxo

    1. You are definitely still you! Busy, productive and enjoying to the max what life hands you.
      We love the British shows, too, and the Australian. We have been exercising at home, but miss the gym, as I’m sure you do. We miss our volunteer work at the museum, but it will be a long time I fear before we can enjoy our time there again. One thing we have been doing to cheer ourselves after watching the news is singing karaoke. If you have a smart TV, you can get an app. We sing along with the Beatles, and all our other favourites. We have our groceries delivered, too, but sometimes when we unpack there are some real surprises! Take care of yourselves and remember this too shall pass.

      1. Hi Judith, I’m glad you guys are well. Whenever I see links to online theater I think you are probably really enjoying that part of our isolation! Please give Ken a hug from me and stay safe. xoxox

    1. You have a pandemic playlist!! Costco delivers there! No food deliveries here in our town of 217,000 including the metropolitan area. A grocery pick needs to be ordered at least two weeks in advance and there is no guarantee as to what you will get on your list. So we go out about every two weeks for groceries and despite the best plans I am always short something. The best part is that we have started a veggie garden but had to wait for it to warm up before planting everything. Still a chance of frost tonight with 3C. We have also decided to plant our flower pots with veggies this year so there will be lots to share with the food bank. Who knows where the next few months will take us but meanwhile stay safe.

      1. Hi Contessa! I want to clarify that Costco doesn’t deliver but there are two women who have made a business picking up and delivering from Costco here at the lake. Pretty great! All the best for your veggie garden, I really love mine. Stay safe amiga! xoxo

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