We are getting settled now

October 8, 2007

It’s almost been three weeks since we arrived, and we can hardly believe it. I won’t bore you with all the details but we are starting to feel like our old selves again. It is great to finally get some furniture to be able to put some things away. Our last couple of months in Washington and the month since we left really challenged our need to have an orderly home.

Our king size bed was delivered a couple of days ago and the mattress came today. We have spent the afternoon putting things away and moving to our master bedroom upstairs. Just the small amount of carrying and shlepping made both dogs anxious, though, and they are just inches from us wanting to know what happens next.

A lot of our energy is being put into buying furniture, kitchen items, and putting things away. Then there is cleaning! I broke down and bought a shop vac with some attachments, and that is doing ok for now.

We went to a gathering of MazInfo people on Sunday, and it was great to meet a lot of very nice people. There’s another meeting of mostly people who live in Centro on Friday, and we plan on attending.

We’ve been heading to the beach most nights to watch the sunset. It is almost always spectacular. It’s a nice way to mark the day. The photo above is from a couple of days ago.

We’ve met with a contractor for a bid on redoing our central courtyard. I have my fingers crossed that it will be within our budget. We had a plumber come over and make some plumbing repairs and also put our house numbers up with his extra strong drill. Tomorrow we meet with a mason to check out some salitre before we get going with the painting. So there is a lot still to do before we can start whittling!

We do have a couch and two chairs now so it is wonderful to sit and read….and I have pulled out my knitting again and am making a mesh bag to carry when I go to the market.

Paul just got off the phone and told me that the electrician is coming Thursday. We’re having him change a couple of fans to ones with lights, and install a bunch of lights that were just wires hanging out of the walls.

So this week is getting full just like the last two. We really want to go to the beach and rent a palapa for at least a few hours as a treat for ourselves – as though we deserve anything more than this wonderful house in a great community!

I really promise my next post will be about some individual challenges and adventures we are having!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Good to read whats up.

      We are doing the same as you with getting settled in (although we have been here before).

      We are settling in with a lot of stuff. It is a lot of rewarding work.

      Don’t try to do too much too fast – settle in and get a feel for things and every potential change.

      By all means have fun!

      Juan Calypso

    1. I have enjoyed your adventure. Here is our local Motel 6. 2,000 people per day to run the hotel. We built it in three years.

      My wife and I will be retiring in January 2009 and Mazatlan is on our list. We will vacation there next year to verify if we will fit.

      I lioved in Queretaro for two years building the Turboreactores plant. Do you know if it is stall there? It was used to repair jet engines.


    1. Just wait until people from the USA start asking you what do you do with your time. I guess they think we live like we are on a vacation but you have all the problems and chores of everyday life. Somehow it seems like more of an adventure here. I don’t know how it will be in Matz but our house here takes more maintenance than you would think since it is made of concrete, tile and metal. There is always something that needs repair or refurbishing. Not that we mind. It makes life interesting.

    1. I just finished your entire blog – from first post to end. Because I was reading it, it sounded like it flew by, LOL. It was an interesting read, and I got alot of ideas from you. Its funny I have 256 days until I am moving to Honduras – almost the same amount of time from the beginning of your blog, so your timeline has helped me alot in getting my thoughts organized on when things should be done. I can’t wait to keep reading and seeing how your days are going and how you adjust to Mexico life.

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