…methinks the lady doth protest too much….

November 16, 2013

Yes, that’s a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but every time I see yet another video or article about how great Mazatlán is, I think of it.  I’d love it if Maz would just continue working on making itself a better place to live and to visit and tourism will take care of itself. I do think that our new tourism secretary Francisco Córdova Celaya is doing a good job, and the city continues to make improvements that we all appreciate.

Here are a few of the places Mazatlán has been in the news over the last week or so:

CNN: A short video titled “Mexican City Makes a Comeback

Travel Secrets Mexico:  A 30 Minute TV Show on Mazatlán

San Francisco Examiner:  An article titled “Mazatlán’s Crown Jewel, the Plazuela Machado

Mazatlán also hosted our first cruise ship in quite a while last week, with a couple more expected in December.  We’re seeing lots more Durango license plates here in town, too… I think everyone is curious to see how the new Mazatlán-Durango highway impacts the city.  A few weeks ago we also had the cast and crew of the TV show The Gator Boys here in town filming and the expectation is that there’ll be 2-3 episodes from Mazatlán possibly in February.

I hope you all are enjoying fall wherever you are… here in Mazatlán the weather has finally broken and we are all enjoying the cooler temperatures.  Cool for us is around 80 – 85 F during the day and from 65 – 70 F at night.  Perfect!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy,
      Mazatlan has always contained the ingredients of a wonderful place to visit or live – warm sun along with a warm ocean, tropical breezes, a short rainy season, interesting old world churches, and an active population of friendly locals that don’t need tourists to survive but that do appreciate the money and flavor those tourist bring.

      Remember that years 30 years ago the Plazuela Machado area was mostly a ghost town with trees growing through the roof of the theater. So beautiful today! Stay strong and Mazatlan will see even better days than today.

    1. That is a great video!
      Hope that more people see it and come down to visit your beautiful city. We enjoy it each time we are there!

    1. As you know, F and I spent a Semana Santa there in 2010. But even since then, it seems like the city has done a lot to spruce up Old Town. I’d love to see it again.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we’d be quite happy to send a few tourists south. Really.

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