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August 24, 2009

Three boogie boarders last Friday

Last Friday, it was hot.  Really hot.  And sticky.  Humid. Uncomfortable.

In the afternoon Paul was heading upstairs for a shower and I suggested we run to the beach for a swim instead.  We changed, grabbed towels, and headed out immediately.  There was a breeze off the ocean, so that was good, but the water was so warm it was almost not refreshing.  We got wet and stood knee deep in the water, letting the breeze cool us.  We paddled around a bit but it wasn’t the refreshing swim we had hoped for.

Home we went, and after showers we felt much better.

Overnight that night we had a rainstorm that put two and a half inches additional water in our fountain, our unofficial rain gauge.

Saturday, Sunday, and now today, Monday have felt like winter to me.  Warm but not sticky.  I did some projects and got a little damp but nothing ridiculous.  I’ve looked at the weather history and can see no reason for such a perceptible change… no reduction in humidity or dew point.

So, I guess I’ll take it as the gift that it is, a refreshing treat in the middle of summer.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. We visit Mazatlan several times a year and occasionally I also think that it would be a nice refreshing change in the water, only to experience a warm surf, making me only crave for a nice cool shower, more than immediately.
      Other times it has been so cold, I never get to even put on my suit! You never know…..

    1. We think it has been feeling like fall here in Alamos. We got nada from that storm! I hope you got to see Jacqui’s comments from her brother (from my last post) about the dvd region codes and the whole telcel/telmex naked lady thing. It was so interesting.LL

    1. Constantino, Next time you come to Mazatlán, holler! We would love to buy you a beverage or sit under a palapa and visit! And yes, it can be changeable…for example, this morning it is steamy and hot!

      LindaLou, The little cool interlude is over here now, but it was nice. I saw the comments on your last post, I think Telcel and TelMex are in cahoots for sure. I still need to understand the DVD thing better, it is quite confusing to me.

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