Guess what I saw at my tropical hummingbird feeder…

August 19, 2011

Last night I passed by the back yard hummingbird feeder in the dark.  It looked like something was on it. Check it out, above! Geckos are on the hummingbird feeder!

I crept over for a look thinking it might be a bat.  You can see what I saw, above!

Geckos on the hummingbird feeder

Geckos! A trio of geckos hanging about on the empty feeder.

Geckos on the hummingbird feeder

Are they drinking the last of the nectar?  Or were there bugs by it that they were eating? I’ve written before about having geckos hanging about in our outdoor lights waiting for bugs to come within range, but this is the first time I’ve ever noticed them on the hummingbird feeders. We often sit outside at night not six feet from this one. I’m sure I would have noticed them before.  Funny, no?

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Great photos. They are so cute and very serious about this job!

    1. So cute. You probably wouldn’t notice them unless they were chirping, they are so unobtrusive. We are talking about fumigating, but the one thing stopping us is that it would kill our geckos. It’s not like we could herd them to safety.

      1. Cynthia & Mike, It’s funny that I’ve never been aware of them before, I’m going to check it out again tonight!

        BC, Hey, H! Thanks for coming by! We miss you here in the neighborhood…. I love those little gecko feet though, don’t you?

        1st Mate, We have a guy who comes and sprays down low so the cockroaches can’t walk on in but it doesn’t seem to affect the geckos – we have them all over the place! Hope you’re having a great summer.

    1. This is great. Lucky you. We looked for them around our lights last year when you had yours but no luck. We just don’t seem to have the neighbourhood they want. We see the occasional iguana though.

    1. Ants love bird feeders-maybe the geckos are after the ants. That would be a nifty cycle of nature!

    1. I wonder if I will have these little cuties where I am going? Hope so as their chirrup is so cheery. You never feel alone. ‘-)

    1. So cute. I bet there are tiny bugs attracted to the sweet syrup drips on the feeder and that in turn attracted your local geckos.

      1. Ingrid, I’ve heard geckos stay away from new construction for a while… I imagine you’ll have some this winter!

        Marty, No ants on the feeders – I actually had trouble with them once and I put vaseline on the hanger and have never had them again.

        Zoe, I bet you’ll have them on Baja!

        Contessa, Last night I chased them off and took the feeder down to examine it and truly there are no bugs! I think they’re drinking the nectar!

    1. Love it! I LLOOOOOOVE going to sleep with the chirping of the geckos, or sitting in living room or on the terrace listening to their serenade. It is DEFINITELY wildlife time here in Mazatlán right now. The vegetation is so lush and green. Last week’s hike we saw every color of iguana everywhere, this week’s hike we saw spiders, spiders and more arañas everywhere. Great time to be out in nature!

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