May is my favorite month in Mazatlan

May 16, 2013

What fun it’s been to be feeling great and able to get out and do what we want! And have we! That’s why I haven’t been blogging – I have just been having too much fun. I’m still sporting my turbans, but within a week or two I hope to feel comfortable going out with just a hat. That’s me at the top – not much hair, but some! Yesterday I put some hair gel in it and tried to get it to stick up but… it looked pretty much the same, unfortunately. I still feel as though I have just come through a hurricane – there are lots of things to do such as submit some more facturas to the insurance company, try to decide if I should have the genetic testing for the breast cancer gene among other things.

But life is good and we’re having fun. We’ve gone to several concerts in the Angela Peralta theater and are going to one tomorrow night. Tomorrow is the Sinaloa opera competition. We’ve seen a wonderful tribute to Tito Puente, an excellent evening of classical music, and another of selections of Cuban and Mexican classic songs. We’ve enjoyed an evening of flamenco dancing and some great guitar music at the Antonio Haas theater, too. Tonight is a free concert and dance performance in the Plazuela Machado. There’s always something going on, and now I get to be a part of it, which is great. Starting tonight is a spectacular awards show being held here in Mazatlán, Premios Oye! which will hopefully introduce a lot of people to the sights of Mazatlán and increase visitors to the city. June 15 brings one of my favorite events, El Dia De La Musica.

There’s still lots going on at El Recreo, too. Movies on Monday and Thursday, storytelling for kids on Friday and Saturday, and lots in between. At the end of the month are two playreading performances, visit the Mazatlan Film & Theater website for information or tickets. The new partner at El Recreo (who replaced Molika Bakery), Urbania 1.o is showing movies and hosting lectures frequently. They are very interested in working towards making Mazatlán a more livable city and we are truly becoming the multicultural gathering center we had wanted from the start. Sugarpop is the new restaurant in the front of the space and is open from 8 am to 6pm every day except Sunday. Owner Marcela serves delicious meals – from Eggs Benedict in the morning to Paella in the afternoon as well as wonderful pastries and espresso. She attended culinary school in Spain and is a talented chef and baker. (and bilingual)


We went out to dinner the other evening at the Water’s Edge and enjoyed the guitar and singing of Santos Fabian (above) along with an excellent meal while we watched a lovely sunset. Life in Mazatlán is just tough, guys.


We’ve also gone out to Cerritos to Surf’s Up a couple of times as they closed for the season this week. That’s a picture of the view from the table, above. Not too bad, I’d say!


The city is undergoing lots of improvements – the most visible here in Centro is the house painting and repair project. I’m not sure of the scope of the project but it is a State project and is starting with improvements along the route of last year’s tourist corridor project. I’m not sure if the sudden appearance of giant machinery breaking up the asphalt on Cinco de Mayo and Angel Flores is part of this, but it sure has snarled traffic! (Photo above)

We have been enjoying the beach as much as possible – the photo below is of a mango seller who made his tray into a table! We gave each other a “thumbs up” when I took his picture – I think he was proud of his innovation.


Paul and I have changed the way we eat after watching the BBC video called Eat, Fast and Live Longer – the video is not available to view any more, but below is an interview with Michael Mosley to give you a bit of information. There are two articles on the way of eating here and here, too. We read his book right away and have been eating this way for three weeks. The gist of it is that on two non-consecutive days of the week you eat a quarter of your normal calories… women 500 and men 600 calories. The other days of the week you eat normally. Weight loss is part of the reason to eat this way but the food restriction also spurs your body into repair mode which is much healthier. If you’re interested, watch the video below and check out the links.


I got creative one day and made “noodles” out of zucchini that were a huge hit at our house. So good for you tossed with a little bit of pesto and some tomatoes and onions. Doesn’t it look good? I also grew myself a new sourdough starter and made my first loaf of sourdough in a while. I was pretty happy with it.


One last thing, there’s a new cenaduria on Belisario Dominguez! I think it looks nice and I checked out their menu on Facebook – we’ll have to give it a try one of these days.



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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Ah Nancy, so wonderful to see the new you, today was so warm and I imagined you going about the house more comfortable than me with my thick mat of hair. Great shot!

    1. Fantastic photo, amiga! What a fabulous angle, I thought the camera on your laptop was your eye!

      You look better with just a little fuzz than most people do with a full head of hair.

      Thinking about you being BETTER makes ME feel better. xoxox

    1. Oh, I am loving seeing a new blog and the blogee. Letting us be part of your journey and thoughts was a privilege not taken lightly.

      I so loved the opera competition and the talent that walks up on that stage is rather amazing and mind blowing. I don’t know how the judges can make a final decision.

      Keep on having fun and I like the idea of a short calorie day. Gives you a chance to really be creative, doesn’t it?

      8 more months and we’ll get to have a lunch at Molika and a glass of wine. Hurrah.

    1. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends cutting calories like this? He believes we live longer if we do.

    1. Oops, ignore the question mark on my comment! Should be a comma.

      1. Wendy, It was great to see you, too…. and you’re right – when I’m home, I’m bareheaded!

        Mexico Cooks!, Thanks so much, what a crazy time it’s been – but that’s my phone camera taking a pic in the bathroom mirror!

        Zoe, I am looking forward to that lunch and a glass of wine! Smooch!

        Marty, I knew what you meant… it’s amazing how light and energetic I feel eating this way.

    1. I really loved the photo at the top of your post Nancy. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one really is that! It sounds like you have really thrown yourself into life, and there seems to be so many ways to do that in Mazatlan. I am very happy for you and Paul.

    1. We’ve watched Dr. Mosley’s show too! And we took up 5:2 fasting. So far we’re into a month and haven’t seen drastic changes in weight, but we feel it is energizing. I think we’re eating more vegetables and less starch even on feeding days. Happy fasting.

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