Weird, Wacky & Wonderful Mazatlán

September 3, 2013

Every story has a picture, or maybe every picture has a story? The picture above is at the newly remodeled Plazuela Zaragoza. That’s a story, though… because the demolition and the first part of the work there was done a couple of years ago. There was some sort of budget issue with the State of Sinaloa or something… finally the work got done over the last year, more or less. It appears that the bathrooms and food stand are still incomplete – but my comment here is on the garbage cans. They arrived and were installed with some sort of stuck on paper, which is impossible to remove. (Yes, I tried.) So there they sit. Pretty awful, really. But at least they’re there…. right?


The picture above is also at the Plazuela Zaragoza. Nice new park, new plantings, new fencing, new kiosko, and…this? (And this is actually better than it usually looks.)


Mazatlán’s Military Hospital (above) is looking good, though. I assume the flag/banners are because of the upcoming holiday, Independence Day.


Mazatlán’s sidewalks are incredibly narrow, and the picture above is pretty much the worst sidewalk planting I’ve seen. But the one below is pretty good, too.


Some things can just make you smile, though. Like the sign painted below that says ” a poem is born in your smile.” Isn’t that nice?


The sidewalks here are always good for a laugh, but I thought this wheelchair ramp looked worthy of a scream or at least a gasp. Plus the two “no parking” standards also help challenge both walkers and wheelchairs. But the truth is that necessity is the mother of invention, and never more so than here.


The picture below is not really that noteworthy for Mazatlán, but it always makes me smile.


The next two pictures are worth noticing because the first is probably one of the most photographed streets in Centro Historico, the equivalent of San Francisco’s Painted Ladies. (Angel Flores) The next photo is the unoccupied school across the street that is covered in graffiti and peeling paint.



I also noticed recently that the statue on the maleccon of Sri Chimnoy is sporting a lei. A bit faded, but I like it!


And, finally, here are some entreaties taped to the rocks near Los Pinos. I enlarged one of the notes so you could read it. There seems to be less litter there than in the past, too.


I hope you can tell how much I love my weird, wacky and wonderful Mazatlán.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Is it a rule in Mazatlan that air conditioning units have to be right at head height? If you wear a hat and watch where you are going on the narrow sidewalks you can get your head smashed. I am 73 years old and do not pay much attention where I am going and in one month bashed my head four times…..slow learner.

    1. William,
      My sympathies re. your noggin and appreciation for bringing the issue to light. I, at 68, also tend to walk looking down for holes or uneven pavers. Thinking I may need to bring my old Navy flight helmet for full face/head protection…not that my face is worthy of special consideration but I don’t handle pain well.

    1. I’m of the opinion that the only safe way to walk the sidewalks will be when we evolve and our eyes rotate like a flounder so one can look up especially for those nasty AC units and one can look down so we don’t fall down a hole.

    1. I have come to love your Mazatlan as well. What a wonderful post. I have a huge smile on my face.

    1. There are many things here in Mazatlan….we just look, shake our heads, smile and say “Only in Mazatlan”… Gotta love it!

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