What A Weird Winter It Was…

April 23, 2013

I started on this crazy adventure on November 12, 2012. Just about the time all our snowbird friends started arriving back in town.  And now, here we are on April 23.  All the snowbirds will be gone within the next couple of weeks.  The streets are already strangely empty. Summer is on its way.

What a weird winter it’s been for Paul and me!  I was in the hospital recovering from surgery on Thanksgiving, and also on our 15th wedding anniversary.  In December I experienced my first chemo, and even so I was able to get together with both my knitting group and  book group and attend the Kitchen Concert at El Recreo. Paul and I went out to the Water’s Edge for Christmas Eve dinner and spent Christmas day quietly at home.  I was getting weekly lymph drainage massage and chemotherapy every three weeks.

We celebrated a quiet New Year’s together at home but then spent the 2nd in Culiacan having chemotherapy.


February brought the arrival of daughter Jess for a week.  Paul was sick with bronchitis part of the time she was here but she and I did get out for one day of Carnaval festivities before she had to leave. That was it for Carnaval for me!  No parades or fireworks, can you imagine?  At the end of the month both of my sisters came for ten days, and I think it was the first of what I hope will be an annual 10 day get-together for us. We went to one playreading performance at El Recreo but pretty much hung around the house and the beach.

By March I was pretty much an old pro at tying my turbans and dealing with the side effects of chemo.  I still stayed home a lot, shunning large groups for the most part.  At the end of March during Semana Santa we had a wonderful visit from our son and his family from Mexico City and we celebrated Easter with them – hiding eggs in the back yard for our granddaughter Consuelo. After they left the city celebrated Moto Week but again we skipped the parade.  What blasphemy!


My birthday in early April coincided with my last chemotherapy.  In celebration we stayed at a bit fancier hotel and had a lovely meal after my last treatment.  They even treated me to a cute little cake!

So I’m done with treatments now and am spending my time regaining my strength, exercising a bit, and slowly rejoining the world.  I know some of you had wondered if I was ok (thank you for your kind inquiries) and I will tell you without reservation that yes, I am.

Last night we attended a birthday party and one of our friends said to me that I am really looking great, happy, and glowing.  What a nice thing that was for her to say, but it really is true.  I have learned so much about myself through all this… especially  to enjoy every day and every moment.  Life is precious, don’t waste a second on bitterness, grudges, or looking backwards.

There are so many people who have helped me get through this long winter, and I appreciate every one.  But of course Paul has been so perfectly and exactly there at the right time, saying the right thing, being just right for me.  We got through this together, every step of the way.

Hopefully I’ll start blogging more often as I start to get out more… but I am taking every day as the gift it is and when the mood strikes I might head to the beach or out for a bike ride instead.  But there’s still a lot going on here in town even though the snowbirds are leaving and I think I’ll have a lot to write about this summer – so stay tuned!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Yeah! This is your best post EVER!!! I am so happy that the sweet days of summer will be yours to enjoy in a healthy way. I (and I speak for all of your readers) have missed your wonderful insights. But I am glad that you are posting again at your own speed. I for one will be happily waiting to see what your next post will say! Thanks for sharing your journey with your www-family!!

    1. Nancy,
      I am glad that your chemo treatments are over and that you are feeling better every day. Take care of yourself and enjoy every day there in Mazatlan with Paul.

    1. How wonderful for you. And, yes, you do look very good. I’m so happy that you are on the mend and chemo is over.
      My best wishes to you, Paul and your family

    1. I am so glad for you that your ordeal is over and that you have come through it such a positive attitude. It was very brave sharing every step of the way with your readers. I look forward to your future posts and wish you much health and happiness.

    1. Nancy whoever said you look great, happy and glowing, was quite right. I am so pleased all of that is over now, so enthused for the future for you, and I cannot wait to see your new hair soon to see if it is different from the earlier hair. Fun fun fun!

    1. Happy to see your post – you are a class act! Happy, too, that
      your treatment are over.

    1. Nancy,

      I’m delighted that you continue recovering strongly! Take it easy, and we’ll enjoy the blog posts as they come. No need to pressure yourself.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where indeed, every day is a precious thing.

    1. Renee expressed it perfectly.

      I so agree with you, living each day and moment to the fullest is very important.

      Hugs to you both and special bigger hug to Paul for being there for you.

    1. Hola Nancy,

      I am Mexican and was just browsing through this site to see if I can place my website for people who would like to get away from the heat for a few days.

      What a touching story you wrote, it really touched my heart. The way you talk about Mexico. I just want to say that I wish you the best of the best and all the luck in the world for your health. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Muchos saludos y un fuerte abrazo.

    1. So glad you are recovering. That PMA (positive mental attitude) is within its self so healing. Take care and enjoy life to the fullest.

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