An update on Mazatlán’s El Recreo

May 20, 2012

A lot has been happening over at El Recreo.  I bet you’d like an update – and maybe would like to know what you can do to help.

At the top of the page is a picture of the exterior and I’ve pasted on the new logo.  Isn’t it nice?  We are getting bids on signage, hopefully it will be up soon.

The picture below is of the Molika @ El Recreo coffee shop space – they are still waiting for delivery of tables and chairs, installation of another refrigerator, and a bar for one wall.  But we hope you’ll stop by during the afternoon from 4 – 8 pm to have a coffee, visit with a friend, or read a book.  Very soon the pastry case will be full of those delicious Molika treats, too.


The other end of the Molika @ El Recreo space shown below has couches, books and magazines, and tables.


Casa del Caracol  El Recreo bookstore has a lot of books in Spanish, both for children and adults.  I love how bright and cheerful the space is. (below)


Casa del Caracol @ El Recreo holds her popular storytelling evenings for children in the room below.  In the future we hope that the community will enjoy using this room for meetings, book groups, small workshops, and more.


Mazatlán Film &Theater has been very busy in our space as well.  As you can see in the picture below, we have had the walls repaired and done some painting, with more coats still needed, of course.  You see the theater seats underneath a tarp over on the left and the exterior wall of our space will be a gorgeous burgundy when it gets done.


Inside (below) you see that the front part (where the performance area will be) is a beautiful charcoal grey and we are working on the burgundy for the rest of the walls. I can already imagine what it will be like to watch a movie here – or listen to a small musical group – or hear a lecture – or watch a slide show of someone’s travels – or enjoy a play or play reading… I know it will be a space well used by the community.


You can see (below) there is still a fair bit of painting to be done – but hopefully it will be done this coming week.  The painting has been done with all volunteer labor. We have air conditioning units scheduled to be installed and then the next big project will be constructing the platforms for the raked theater seating.  That’s a big job, and a team of carpenter volunteers will be working on building them over the following couple of weeks. (Updated 5/23 – We have decided to defer the air conditioning installation until we have reached our fundraising goal.  Our next big project is installing the platforms and seats.)


As you can see, our space required the most extensive renovation.  We continue to fund raise, and would sure appreciate it if you’d be kind enough to contribute.  You can find out how on the Mazatlán Film and Theater website. There are a million things being worked on simultaneously right now – the screen is being cleaned & grommets installed, doors are being sourced for the doorways, material for curtains is being investigated, volunteer teams are being coordinated, the plan for the platforms is being finalized and materials priced, and much much more.  It really is a huge project, and we would love your help.

Below, the view is towards the front door.  Come on in!


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Wow, you’ve really done a lot. It is going to be great!

    1. Looks like a cool space!


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we love old Spanish Colonial Buildings.

    1. When I look at this I for one of many am excited and proud of have everyone that have poured their hearts and souls into this community facility. Thank you to each and everyone who have given financially and with your sweat of hard work to bringing this place to where it is even today. Kudo’s to each of you!

    1. What a fabulous new facility in Maz. It is across the street from the house we rent in Mazatlan – we are returning there in November and can’t wait to go see the final touches and have a coffee!

      1. Ingrid, Yes it is coming along – I think the second coat of paint on the red happens today.

        Kim, One of the wonderful things about this will be the blending … English movies with Spanish subtitles, Spanish with English, for example. We have people already chomping at the bit to give lectures and slide shows and musical recitals. Wow.

        Janice, It is very exciting – it has been a lot of hard work and there’s more to come but it is fun work – (mostly!)

        Susan, By November there will be much more than coffee here, should be lots of fun.

    1. I’m really glad that Greg’s idea on space worked out. Looks nice and cozy.

    1. Your group and all the volunteers have done an amazing job. Looking forward to seeing it in person come November.

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