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February 5, 2011

I accumulate photos that I want to share with all of you… do you like the one at the top of this post?  I know it is a bit hard to see but it is a worker using a jackhammer to remove the cement from a balcony that he is standing on.  I don’t know about you, but I found it hard to even look at him while he was working!

Below is a picture you’ve seen before, of one of the Trees of Heaven around town – growing right out of a wall.


Then, below is another picture you’ve seen before, too – the same tree last June after the painting teams trimmed and painted the Tree of Heaven so they could paint. I thought it had been killed for sure.


So imagine my surprise when I noticed what it looks like now, below!  The joke about sticking a pencil in the ground here and it will grow surely holds true for this tree!


On another topic, I thought you might like to see our old chair with its broken cane seat.


Not to worry, we saw the chair repair guy working a block over the other day and asked him to come by and do our chair.He usually sets up on the sidewalk but we opened the garage door and he worked there all day. Yes, almost all day. And now look at the chair – with its new seat and back. Nice!




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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

      1. Cynthia & Mike, We have one of these trees on the house next to us that is just as vibrant. It is hard to believe.

        Jonna, The usual lack-of-harness or rickety-ladder I can handle, but this was too much!

        John, I think you are probably right about the people with the missing limbs, although I did read a book (Enrique’s Journey) about a kid from Honduras who attempts to go to his mother in the US and lots of people travel on the tops of trains and get bits chopped off as they lose their grip…. horrifying, too.

        Luciano, Thanks so much for commenting. I always love to hear that people who live here are reading! It is true that it’s easy to overlook things you walk by every day – I really try to notice things, and it is actually harder than it looks! Not to mention remembering to have my camera with me!

    1. I thought I was immune but that guy with the jackhammer had me cringing. Hopefully he knows something we don’t.

    1. There are a lot of guys panhandling in the middle of the roadways in wheelchairs and hobbling with a crutch, missing a foot or leg or worse. Each has a story. I reckon many of those sad tales began at a construction site – very sad.

      Even in Puerto Escondido, where the loam and sand soil is predominant, things grow; things one would imagine would never do it. I wonder if there is some Mexican karma attached to such successes 😉

    1. Wow! I’ve driven or walking along this street many times because I’m a mazatlecan, I’ve lived all my life here but never paid the least interest to this tough tree growing on the house’s facade.

      As always, we need our visitors’ and permanent residents’ insight to discover the many little things around us that make our city so different from others.

      One of the reasons I read these blogs is because they provide the right, positive information we desperately need in these days of high impact criminal scenery around the entire country. So much of blood and shocking news in the media; what we need is what this couple is doing: grab the attention of readers over the other Mazatlan, the simple living city so badly mistreated, with its natural beauty and the good will of its citizens.

      Thanks, Paul and Nancy. You’re doing more for Mazatlan than the rest of all us.

    1. Hey Nancy–

      Just wanted to say I still love your blog and come here knowing I will get insight and a lift of spirits! I’m so so glad you are still posting.

      Your fan,

      1. Lise, So nice you still check in on us! We are happy and healthy, hope your family is too!

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