What’s going on in Mazatlán?

October 24, 2011

It is late October and that means that snowbirds and folks who like to get out of the heat for part of the summer are returning. (I was going to say returning in droves but to use it with snowbirds seemed wrong… I would have to use flock…. oh, forget it!)

Anyway, on many aisles at the grocery store – every time I walk on the malecón – pretty much everywhere – I am greeting someone who has been away. It’s a wonderful time of year, really. It’s still hot – in the 90’s – every day, but there is a bit of coolness on the breeze every once in a while that just makes you smile.  And you smile and think to yourself “Here comes perfection.” For the next seven or eight months, we will be livin’ the life here.  Everyone smiles from ear to ear once the winter arrives.

Street Sign Mazatlan
There are new street signs showing up around town… much nicer than the old ones!

There will be lots to do – starting with Dia de los Muertos, the next holiday coming up.  What fun we’re going to have!  Days hanging out under a palapa with friends. Nights at the Angela Peralta Theater.  Independent films on Tuesday nights. First Friday Art Walks.  The Marathon. It seems like in the winter there’s always something fun going on.   And I can’t forget Carnaval, and Moto Week, too.

Countdown to Mexico on Zite!
If you have an iPad, you’ll understand how excited I was when the iPad-only news aggregator Zite picked up my post on the Mazatlan Mercado!


But right now it is still kind of quiet.  The people who’ve returned are getting settled again, getting their groceries and greeting neighbors.  It’s good.

Us?  We’ve been here right along.  But finally we are repainting our house pretty much from top to bottom. Paint in this climate doesn’t last as long as you’d like… ours needed it again after three years and we stretched it to four. In a few days it will all be over and we’ll stand here and say “yep, it doesn’t get any better than this.” How could it? When you have new paint, perfect weather, two sweet dogs and each other?

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I fully intended on buying one of those little sugar skulls but somehow it slipped my mind. I did see someone boarding a plane in Mexico City bound for New York City with two of those huge breads-ready to celebrate with his American relatives. We bought some of the small ones and the kids said they were very good. My 6-year-old grandson is already missing the hot weather! Someday you might see the whole fam damily move there.

      Yep, traveling with 13 people was a logistical nightmare, but we pulled it off, with only a couple of airline glitches. The middle son and his girlfriend got to stay 2 more nights at the resort because he read his itinerary wrong! Our trip down was worse, but it’s over and behind us.

    1. I must admit I feel like a selfish child this time of year with the arrival of the long-term and short-term northern tourists. As if my private space is somehow going to get used up. Of course, it won’t. And without them and the Guadalajara tourists, there would be no Melaque. Besides, it is nice to see some of the people I have not seen now for months.

      I am waiting for our share of cooler evening weather. Each morning I get up, the house still feels like a pizza oven.

      1. Marty, I think the sugar skulls are a great decoration, I wonder if anyone actually eats them? But the pan de muerto, it is a “must eat” this time of year!

        Steve, I get a little sad to see summer leave, too… but then before you know it I am in the swing of winter and loving it, too.

    1. I think there is so much more to partake in this season in Mazatlan. Hmmm, perhaps might have to move from the Isla to town. Just kidding. Don’t chase the 90’s away, I need it for a few weeks before it cools down. Soon mi amiga, soon!

      1. Contessa, It might be too late for the 90’s – this morning and yesterday have been much cooler, and we think the weather has broken! But it will still be lovely!

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