Tour Mazatlan’s Centro Historico – The Pino Suárez Mercado

October 16, 2011

This post, about Mazatlán’s Pino Suárez Mercado (market) is the third in the tour of Mazatlán’s Centro Historico. Of course the market would be included on my tour of Centro Historico… but there are several special reasons why I decided to do this post today.

Let’s go to the market!

At the top of this post is a picture of the exterior of Mazatlán’s Pino Suárez Mercado.  This 1899 structure was built of iron and steel in the art nouveau style of the Eiffel Tower, which had been constructed just a few years earlier.  The photo shows a city bus in the foreground, not an ideal addition to the picture – but I would have to come out in the middle of the night to take a photo not showing busses, cars, taxis, and hordes of people.  It’s a busy place!

Where is the mercado?  It’s about five blocks from the Plazuela Machado, and it occupies a city block between Aquilles Serdan and Benito Juarez and Melchor Ocampo and Leandro Valle.

Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado

Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
There are lots of vendors outside the mercado – pictured here is a cart that gets pushed home every evening. On this end are delicious coconut treats called cocadas..
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
Here’s another cart outside the mercado. More coconut treats, lovely dates, gumdrops, and in the foreground cucumber and watermelon. Makes my mouth water. People buy a lot from this guy as they wait at the bus stop a few steps away.
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
There are small “comida economica” stands both outside the mercado (like this one) and throughout the entire upper floor. The main bus routes through Centro pass by both sides of the mercado, so people will catch a meal while they wait.
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
With our warm year-round climate fruit drinks are very popular. Don’t they look refreshing?
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
The mercado is not just for fresh food and meat. It truly has pretty much anything you will need to run your home. Here is a Café El Marino stand. This large coffee company was founded in 1950 in Mazatlán and is of course a city favorite.
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
I always buy my beans here, today I bought small white beans. Look at those garlics! Since I am Armenian I love my lentils, and the mercado is the only place I’ve found that has the large brown lentils. The grocery stores only have tiny ones in bags.
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
This fruteria is one of my favorites, but there are probably at least 40 different vendors of fruits and vegetables in the mercado. This photo shows the interior steel structure pretty well.
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
There are a number of small grocery stores in the market. They look small, but truly, they have it all. Need a broom? A can of something? Cleaning supplies? Toilet paper? A candle for your shrine?
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
I took this photo to show the structure. I am facing North, towards the meat area.
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
This is a cremeria – they have cheese, yogurt, milk, and other dairy products. Packaged tortillas, too.  There is no tortilleria in the mercado.  
Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
When I asked the woman at the panaderia if I could take a picture of her wares she said yes and then turned around – so I cropped her out of the picture to be nice. Paul bought a delicious looking piece of carrot cake from her competitor across the way.
pig head Mazatlán's Pino Suárez Mercado
This smiling fellow would rather be somewhere else, I’m sure. If he could he would probably ask you to reduce the amount of meat you eat… maybe just try to eat meatless one day a week?

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Mazatlán’s Pino Suárez Mercado!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Love that market! The smells, the colors, the happy smiles and those funny cafes on the top floor that are so economical. Thanks for your reminiscent tour.

      I miss y’all and all of Maz! Today is tianguis day for us here. Time to buy agave syrup, beans, pizza dough to break down and fruit. Very similar to the Juarez tianguis there. Thanks goodness there is SOMEthing similar to hunt for bargains!

      1. Zoe, Have fun at the tianguis, hope you find some treasures!

    1. I love the Mazatlan mercado. I have seen a lot of mexican mercados and this is my favorite. I had the best breakfast upstairs last year. It is so bright and clean and colorful and everything is high quality. I love Mazatlan and am happy we can drive there in 7 hours from Alamos.

    1. I am loving this series, Nancy, not just of the mercado but all of Centro. Your photos make me appreciate and connect even more strongly to this wonderful place. And I have never looked in the pig’s face before! So glad I am now (almost) a vegetarian! Thanks!

      1. Steve, There are trade-offs when you choose a small town, but living in Centro feels like a small town but with a big city right here.

        Robyn, Thanks for coming by! Glad you enjoyed the mercado. Someday I hope to get to Alamos, it looks lovely!

        Judith, Sometimes it is fun to look at familiar places with new eyes… glad you are enjoying the series. (sorry about the pig photo, I had to tie it in to World Food Day somehow!)

    1. Wonderful tour! Couldn’t live without a mercado. I have so many fond memories of Mazatlan from past adventuras. Hope to have some current ones soon to add to the mix.

      1. Marilyn, We’d love it if you’d come for a visit!

        Kathie, Thank you! And I hope you have a nice meal upstairs.

    1. Have been to the market several times but didn’t know of its historical background. When I go again, will look at it with a more discerning eye. Also, haven’t been to the second floor eateries…another “have to do.” So love your photos and blog.

    1. Love this on the market – the pictures are great – can hardly wait to return in January and look at the market through your eyes.

    1. We went to the market on Saturday, but we couldn’t get Gracie to go near the pig heads! And Millie found out about the selling skills of the ladies in the souvenir shops! Then we hit the cathedral just in time to see a bride walk down the aisle-Gracie was captivated.

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