A Wonderful Mazatlán Carnaval…

March 8, 2011

It’s been a wonderful Carnaval here in Mazatlán.  Last year was the pits, so we all were hopeful that this year would be a good one. The new mayor and governor were determined that it would be peaceful, well attended, and organized.  We think they succeeded. The theme this year was “The Return of the Muses.”

On the malecon. The man on the left has no feet, he begs as he walks about on his knees with kneepads.

Along the length of the malecon many statues like the one above were placed, as well as in significant spots throughout Centro – like the one below in the Plazuela Machado.

In the Plazuela Machado

Out for a walk Thursday morning  (the start of Carnaval) we saw they had already stocked the many, many beer stands.  Want a beer not in the Pacifico family of beers?  Forget it!

All stocked up for the evening.

We’ve been here for a few years now and this year the extent of our Carnaval revelry was listening to the music and drinking a beer in the midst of the fun on Thursday evening – but being home by 11.  Saturday we watched the fireworks (the Combat Naval) from our roof. (You can see last year’s on the Video page)

One of the muses on a dinosaur-thing.

Sunday we walked down past the Fisherman’s Monument and watched the first parade from the packed malecon.

The Queen.

Then Tuesday we watched the second parade from the balcony of a friend’s condo.

No one seemed to understand what this float was about, but, hey, whatever.

Next year I want to go to at least one of the coronation ceremonies but we had a fine time this year and had fun doing some – but not all – of the Carnaval goings-on.

Of course, we had another marvelous Mazatlán sunset to go with the parade.
One of the floats seen from the balcony.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Sounds like loads of fun! I saw on the Mazatlan Messenger that traffic was terrible, possibly worse because the cops had eaten a meatball meal and many of them were home sick with (er) digestive issues!

    1. Nancy – Do you ever see the green flash at sunset when the sun goes below the water line? Most people stop what they are doing here in Puerto to watch for the green flash. 😉

    1. John, I had never seen the green flash and I live right over the ocean. Then last year when a friend came to visit, we saw THREE in a row and she felt very special; so did I! It has been pretty foggy lately and difficult to see the horizon but that should change soon.

      A very successful,beautiful, inventive Carnaval and I almost hate to see it be put to bed. Until next year……

    1. We stop what we are doing to see the flash as well. I sort of have pictures of it-really the only way to see it is with the naked eye.

      1. Marty, The traffic always is bad after these things but since we always walk, we don’t notice too much. Last night seemed the same as usual.

        John, Yes, we always look for the flash, and as a matter of fact we saw it last night and the night before!

        Zoe, First time I saw the flash was at your place! Ha! This was a wonderful Carnaval but I will be glad when the street sweepers have tidied it all up for another year.

    1. Lovely photos Nancy. For sure next year we are attending the parade or at least I will if Colin is in Culiacan again! Where we are on the Isla we miss seeing the sun set into the ocean. Loved watching it and the green flash all the years we were in Acapulco.

    1. Nice to read about Carnaval and that it was great this year. My husband and I have been to Maz many times and are hoping to move there in a few years. We were there last year with our two daughters during Carnaval– mostly it was planned then because they had a break from school here in the states then. It was fun to show them Mazatlan but the festivities didn’t really live up to what I was expecting. Last year we stayed at in the Golden Zone. I can hardly wait for our next trip– this year we’ll be down for a few weeks in April and are staying in El Centro again. Thanks for continuing to write your blog– it keeps those of us who are still in our own countdown to Mexico connected to our dreams.

    1. Looks like a wonderful Carnaval. I love the photos! I love the floats! We missed our parade this year, I think we slept through it. But the Plaza events were wonderful, albeit small scale, but we are a small town!

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