The Moto Parade in Mazatlán

April 15, 2012

It has been a busy time lately here in Mazatlán. Semana Santa is actually the week before Easter, but since the kids are out of school for another week after Easter, it turns into a two week party.

This year, the Wednesday after Easter Sunday marked the beginning of Moto Week, my favorite event of the year. Bikers come from all over the Americas for the fun of showing off their bikes and getting together with other bikers. There is a rock concert, a bikini contest, and a long ride out into the countryside.

Mazatlan Moto Parade 2012

But I love the parade. You have everyone from the handmade bike ridden by a guy in a full Indian costume to a guy dressed as Shrek to our favorite fluorescent green bike/biker/dog combo. In between will be tiny bikes with a family of four, pizza delivery bikes, bikes with piñatas on the front, and lots and lots of skull masks, too.

Mazatlan Moto Parade 2012
Family bikes rounding the escudo

This year the lead bunch included our Governor, Mario López Valdez. Paul and I decided to sit on the roundabout at the South end of Olas Altas right at the Sinaloa shield (escudo.) The parade begins in the North end of the city and travels along the water to Olas Altas.  At the escudo they climb the hill – Cerro del Vigia – and then loop around to come back past the escudo and North again. Click on the thumbnail below for a panorama during a quiet moment

Mazatlan Moto Parade 2012

The video below is 9 minutes – which is longer than I’d like.  But parade lovers, moto lovers, and Mazatlán lovers might want to watch it just for fun.  During the video you’ll see people running in between the motorcycles, which always gives me a shock.  People are standing right next to the traffic, even in between two traffic lanes! Join us next year, why don’t you?

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. This was the biggest, best moto week parade I’ve seen. The paper said fifteen thousand took part in the parade. Woohoo. The trick riders were great too. We stood at our spot for over two hours watching. Really enjoyed seeing one lady doing wheelies down our stretch of the parade.

      1. Ingrid, This was a great parade, no doubt. We have watched it from up near Valentino’s, from Canuck’s, from various places in Olas Altas. Not sure where our favorite place is – pics I saw from people on the roof at Puerto Viejo were wonderful, might try to get up there next year.

    1. Bless your heart, Nancy…it’s a cool, damp, gloomy Monday morning here in Texas and watching the moto week parade was a terrific pick-me-upper. Thanks.

    1. Terrific moto week parade, terrific Carnaval parades, things are really looking up! Yesterday we drove to Concordia, along with a lot of bikers who were heading out of Mazatlan. It was interesting to see that on the highway, they all wear their helmets! We waved goodbye until next year. Thanks for the great pics and video.

      1. Les, Thanks so much. It was a bit crazy on the escudo, next time I move to higher ground!

        Judith, I bet the drive to Concordia was wonderful, and what a nice road for the bikers to ride, too. I bet you had a raspado in Concordia… their famous flavored ices. Yum.

    1. Great photos Nancy, thanks for the sun and warmth.

      We had to drive thru snow Saturday but are now home enjoying 1C!!!

    1. Love the photos! That is my favorite area in all of Mazatlan, so it was great to see your video and pretend I was there.

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