April wildlife adventures

April 2, 2011

Every April there are a couple of weeks where the termite hatch is on.  When we were new here we were surprised one night when jillions of these flying critters invaded our well-lit home.  We asked our housekeeper what they were and she said they are “things that go to the light.”  Now we know that we just turn out the lights for about 15 minutes and they find some other light to go to and not bother us.  They leave behind thousands of little wings.

The picture at the top is our two favorite geckos hiding in the outdoor fixture.  Can you see the bulging belly on the gecko on the left? Last night there were dozens of termites walking zombie-like up the wall to be eaten by the waiting geckos. Creepy, right?  The zombie picture is below.

We – must – go – towards – the – light –

In other wildlife news, we have licked a fruit fly problem with thanks going to our friend Michael.  A cup with some honey and a piece of mango in the bottom – add a plastic bag and a rubber band.  Poke a hole in the top and – presto – you have a miracle of a fruit fly snare.  They are attracted to the smell, go in the hole in the bag and then can’t find their way out.  I believe they stay in there eating mango and making more fruit flies, but whatever they are doing in there is fine with me, since they are no longer a nuisance in the kitchen.

See the fruit fly on top is about to dive in for some delicious mango!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. just wondering – How long is the bus ride from mazatlan th guadalajara.

    1. Thanks for the fruit fly trap. I have all the makings for a trap at hand.

      The fat gecko cracked me up! I have never seen one like that.


    1. Hello Nancy…..it’s your across the street neighbor….really enjoy your posts….especially since I am having the same problem with the flying critters in my kitchen and patio and yes I’ve discovered if I turn off the lights they’re gone…glade to hear it’s a temporary thing. Now that the weather is warmer I’m really enjoying my patio….in fact I’d like to have you guys over some nite for some wine and food….keep in touch….Jon

    1. I was just complaining to my Hubby last night about the fruit flies. I can’t wait to see my fruit fly catcher in action. 🙂

    1. Oh, no, our kitchen was just inundated tonight with the horrible flying termites! Ken insisted on spraying them with Raid even though I told him your advice was to just turn off the lights. But would he listen? No. Raid is awful.

    1. Maybe the gecko is pregnant???? I’ll try this at home in Canada, perhaps you have International bestseller in the making!

      1. CHuck, I think the bus ride to Guadalajara is about 6 or 7 hours. I’ll blog about it when we get back.

        Theresa, Good luck with yours, I keep mine on top of the fridge so I don’t have to look at it often.

        John, No termites last night, maybe the hatch is over! See you soon!

        Leslie, Make sure you use a throw-away cup so you can toss the whole thing when it gets too full.

        Les, Great news!

        Judith, I resort to Raid for some things but not the termites. They are pretty awful to see though, especially when they are wiggling around without their wings.

        Contessa, Glad you had a safe trip! No, the gecko has been gorging on termites so much that his little tummy is crammed full!

    1. I took the bus from Guadalajara to Mazatlan this winter and it took 8 hours.

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