Back from the mall

April 18, 2011

Paul and I just got back from a shopping trip to Guadalajara. We took the bus so it was a very relaxing trip. Six and a half hours to knit and listen to my audio book was a pleasant way to travel.

We stayed in Tlaquepaque at the boutique hotel Quinta Don Jose, where we have stayed before. It is a very friendly place, and the grounds are lovely, too.x

Quinta Don Jose

As happens to me whenever we travel to the interior, I had problems with my sinuses and a terrible headache for the first two days. Guadalajara is at more than 5,000 feet of altitude, and I believe it is the altitude as well as the pollution and dry air that gets to me. This has affected me in Mexico City and Morelia, too.  I usually use eye drops, nose spray and Tylenol to try to combat the symptoms, but this time we visited Dr. Simi and got an antihistamine for me.  Within two hours I was much better, and after a night’s sleep I felt normal again.  The antihistamines are going to be in my bag whenever I head inland from now on!

One afternoon we had a real treat – RAIN!  There was a bit of thunder and lightning and about an hour of rain.  We haven’t had a drop of rain here in Mazatlán since September, so we enjoyed it a lot.x

Birds are everywhere… I really want to get a cage like this for ours.

Our agenda was pretty simple, a bit of shopping and some relaxing in the big city.  Given those requirements, it was a successful trip. We shopped – at the Galleria del Calzado – the shoe mall, where I got a new pair of Birkenstocks and Paul a pair of Mephisto sandals. We walk so much in Mazatlán that we really need a wardrobe of walking sandals!x

These “Dragon Head” plants are so weird. The vine that comes out of the top is not leafed out right now, but I want to see them growing!

We bought a new solid state backup drive for Paul and a new Sony Cybershot camera for me.  I am hoping that I can keep from dropping it for at least a year!  The photos here were taken with it.  We bought another Oaxacan rug.  A training collar for Coco.  A couple talavera coffee mugs.  I thought we’d buy a lot more than we did but as usual when Paul and I get to a mall we try to get our shopping done and get out of there, fast!

We browsed around shops in Tlaquepaque, getting ideas for our house such as stringing a wire to hang an over-the-table light in our courtyard and that we should buy flowers to put on the various levels of our fountain.  We ate some great food and some mediocre food – and regrettably didn’t visit the  Indian restaurant we wanted to.  We had remembered a wonderful restaurant from several years ago – Casa Fuerte -and had another wonderful and leisurely comida there this trip.x

Reading by the pool

We spent a lot of our time reading by the pool or at a table in the courtyard with a glass of wine.  I finished the new book by Jean Auel, The Land of Painted Caves and Paul has been reading and loving Ghostwritten by David Mitchell.

We headed home Sunday morning and had an uneventful bus ride – although it took longer because so many travelers were headed to Mazatlán for Semana Santa.  Our bus was stopped and searched twice, once by a drug sniffing dog. I think it took us about 7 hours to get home.

All in all, it was a good trip.  The dogs had a great time “at camp” with their other favorite humans and dogs, but they were happy to see us again, of course.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Sounds like you had a lovely time.
      Thanks so much for mentioning Jean Auels new book, I loved her other ones.

      1. Fixed the link, thanks for mentioning it. I enjoyed the book, hope you do, too.

    1. Hubs just gave me a Sony Cybershot. I like it a lot-it takes great scenic pics as well as photos for my Etsy shop. Plus it’s tiny enough to keep in my purse. Sounds like you had a lovely trip.

    1. Nancy for some reason I’m not able to see your site on my work computer and so when I drop by I am unable to comment. I usually have to see everything in google reader and I don’t know how to comment there.

      Such a beautiful place. I love the floor tiles, they make everthing seem very inviting.

    1. Little getaways are always fun and, to me, the best way to underscore the “sighhhh” of getting back home. Sounds successful on every count and glad to hear your first long bus ride was acceptable. Me? I love the bus for anything under 20 hours. If that or more, John and I break it up and spend the night in a well chosen city.

    1. New camera is doing a fine job. Your blog entry makes me want a trip to Guadalara or DF.

      1. Marty, I like the new camera, too!

        Trinidad, Sometimes offices block blogs and other websites from their employees, that is probably what is happening. Thanks for commenting, however you worked it out.

        Zoe, It was a nice getaway, for sure. I have bussed around Mexico a fair bit, mostly with son Adam. We loved ETN the best, but Primera Plus was very good, too!

        Billie, I am impressed with the camera, now I just hope I can hang onto it. It also takes Hi-def video, which should be fun, too.

    1. Welcome home, missed you & your posts!! So glad Paul got the Mephisto sandsls, they are all I wear as opposed to having orthotics. Expensive but so very very great. Let me know if he wants a second pair delivered in November! Love the photos…I am more than ready to visit the big shopping city. Good for Dr. Simi….a good temporary fix.

    1. Nancy, As usual, I enjoy your post and especially the pictures. I hope your new camera lasts the year, but from past experience it may already be on borrowed time… Keep writing – I enjoy all your posts!

    1. We also stay a lot at that hotel. They have the best food there as well. Two of the best meals I have ever had where at that hotel. We travel into the city pretty often to shop for some homes that one of out friends are building here in our area. If you ever want to have a wonderful guide in the city email me. He goes with us to buy furniture, tile, granite, lights everything. He is a trusted friend after 5 years. He also arranges for everything to be delivered at your home. He is a real jewel and we are happy to share him. He has worked for about 50-60 americans that we know. If you are shopping for large items he is your ticket. But it sounds like you had fun. Great city and great hotel. Have you ever stayed at the Hacienda outside Tequilla with the beautiful grounds and spa? Breathtaking.

      1. Contessa, We had fun in Guad, and Paul loves his new sandals. He also got a pair of “Riders”, much cheaper but pretty nice too. Thanks for the offer to mule for us, hopefully his will last, though.

        Terry, Hey, c’mon, think positive – I am! I love the new camera, just wait till next week – Moto Week – it’s going to get a workout then!

        Robyn, Oooh, a guide would be great sometime. We’ve never stayed at that hacienda, I will have to check it out. Thanks!

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