Poor lonely blog…

December 20, 2010

It has been another week between posts!  What is wrong with me?  Can’t I think of interesting things to say about Mazatlán?

Well, yes… and no.

After living here more than three years I have to admit every impromptu parade or quirky item being carried on a bicycle doesn’t cause me to run for the camera anymore, it is just life as usual.  Wonderful life as usual, but still.

I have to admit, too, that I am probably more involved in Facebook than I am in the blog lately.  Former Mexico City blogger now living in Dallas, Jesus Chairez linked to an article on his Facebook status that is about blogging being on the decline. It made me think about my blogging habits lately.

Partly I am busy.  We’re having a bunch of people over for Christmas dinner, snowbirds are back and there is more going on socially, the Mazatlán cultural calendar is in full swing, and I am having fun reading, knitting, sewing, and cooking.  But it’s more than that.  I love Facebook, really.

It’s so immediate, and it has been so wonderful in enhancing my knowledge of others and them of me.  For example, here are a few things I have posted lately – that in the past might have been worked into some kind of blog post.

Paul’s daughter posted the picture at the top of the post on the subway wall in New York City.  It’s an advertisement for visiting Mazatlán, with a picture of one of our most photographed streets, Angel Flores.  Of course someone took some liberties with the photo as the water is on the wrong side but hey, we know we are special for being a historic city on the coast, and we’d like more people to visit, for sure!  Of course I shared the picture on my wall.  (Do I sound like I drank the Kool-aid?)


Then one day after the dogs had eaten I returned to the kitchen to find Coco having placed her plastic steak chew toy in her food dish.  I thought it was funny, and so did lots of others.


I also got some comments when I decided to quit reading two of our local forums.  It was my Christmas gift to myself, to take a year off from reading some of the most infuriating and thoughtless emails under the guise of being about Mazatlán.  I can stay informed lots of other ways, and if I miss something because I don’t read the forums, you know what?  I don’t care. Besides, most activities around town are on my radar because of Facebook, anyway!

I also enjoy interacting with a bunch of Mexico bloggers and former bloggers.

I’ve had a Facebook badge on the left side of the blog for a while now, and occasionally I get “friend requests” from people I don’t know.  If you do read the blog and want to friend me, please include a message with the friend request or I might write back asking how I know you!

So this is a roundabout way of telling you that I’ve been two-timing the blog with Facebook.  I do see a lot of fun stuff around town, though, and am going to be better about keeping you up to date!




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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I can understand how you are feeling about blogging, I am having the same problems coming up with things to write about after living here for 5 yrs.. As you say things aren’t new and exciting anymore, it is just everyday life and seems normal to me; although I am sure a lot of things that I take as normal would seem strange to people up north; but it is hard to differentiate for me now. This is more like home than up north is now and doesn’t seem so strange lol.
      I spend some time on Facebook; but don’t write too much on there, I read lots of things though and did love the photo of your dog with her rubber steak, that is/was great.
      I have noticed that I spend much less time reading blogs now than I used to, everyone is writing less now than they used to and I am also finding that my interest in reading a lot of blogs has waned. My daily blog reading list has shrunk considerably.
      May you and Paul have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
      P.S. buy that dog a steak for Christmas OK????

    1. It may be inevitable but I find it sad. Perhaps I’m not as cutting edge as I think:) I’ve resisted signing up on Facebook, the whole concept kind of offended me but then I don’t know much about it. Am I right that it is just a collection of snippets and not really something you write and think about? I don’t know. I may have to give in and join but my other objection is that I don’t particularly want to be friends with everyone in my past. I look at Mimi’s list of friends and it makes me groan, it could be there is a reason I don’t keep up with all those people. grumble… grumble.

    1. For me, blogging has just become a more normal activity instead of being an obsession as it was for a while. A couple of months ago I tried to post every day, and it cured me of the obsession. Too bad that doesn’t work with overeating, huh? We could just plow through a couple batches of cookies and get over it.

      Looks to me like Coco has come up with a new way to communicate. “I can’t write a wish list, but I can demonstrate.” Smart girl.

      1. Brenda, Jonna & Bliss,

        Three of my favorite bloggers, I love you guys.

        I have sooooo much conflict about blogging. I love writing when I have something to say but I hate the feeling of obligation! And I am somewhat uncomfortable with every comment I make bringing me an ” oh, I know, I read it on your blog.” I mean everyone needs to have some mystery about them!

        Anyway I need to figure out how to refresh myself, as I do love blogging, at least as much as I love reading all your blogs. I like Facebook for different reasons – people I know who are super busy will write something and it soothes my need for them for a bit, gives me the fix I need. (yes, I am talking about you if you think I am) I also love like crazy my FB relationships with Rivergirl, Heather, Wayne, Kelly, Ken, Billie, etc – bloggers I love and respect and get to interact with more.

        I truly think it’s all good, it’s just a matter of balance.

        Love you! N.

    1. Blogs require more effort. Facebook consists mostly of snippets, some (make that most) so brief that they make no sense. And if you comment on something every LOL, grunt, etc., down the line falls into your email can. You cannot turn it off, a defect.

      From what I understand, Twitter is even more snippety. I have no intention of opening a Twitter account because I don’t want my mind to work like that, but I do have a Facebook account. I read recently that one person in 14 worldwide has a Facebook account. If you factor out all the poor folks in Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc., and focus on the developed world that means a huge chunk of people “like us” have Facebook accounts. Amazing.

      What I like about it is I am running into people I had lost. That can be good or bad, but mostly it’s been interesting. A hooker I lived with in Puerto Rico found me recently. I’m pleased to announce she has gone straight.

      Back to blogs: It’s best not to think you’re obligated to write something on a regular basis. When something appropriate and interesting appears, you’ll know it.

      1. Felipe,

        Everyone says FB is just snippets, but that’s not my experience. It is usually one comment that starts the conversation, and it can really feel like a conversation. Yesterday Heather asked “what’s so good about an iPhone” and she got 28 replies, (one from me) all of which I enjoyed reading. And if you want to go to Account Settings you can un-click the boxes so that you don’t get emailed after everyone comments on a wall post, link, or picture. It is totally up to you.

        Thanks so much for chiming in, I don’t know why I put such a sense of obligation to it, but I do.

    1. Last time I checked you could indeed opt out of the subsequent comments, but it’s an all-or-nothing deal. That’s the problem. You don’t get follow-ups from anybody about anything. Or you get everything. I’d like to be able to stop comments on specific items, the way you can at blogger.com.

      Ah, if only the world were perfect…

    1. OMG, I feel exactly the same way! Blahging, FB. . . Nothing I see anymore looks unusual or notable. So I saw 14 people on a scooter yesterday. I didn’t even THINK about pulling out the camera, all I was worried about was not running over any of them!
      I think you guys are right, I have to take the compulsion out of blogging, think I’ll write a blog post about this too. Someday. My life here has changed a bit, new directions, lifestyles, and I keep asking myself why would someone in Ontario care. AND, I don’t want to write about the narco crap or political crap. . .
      Maybe the very best part of this blogging stuff is getting to know all of you here in MX!
      Merry Christmas Nancy and Paul!

      1. Trailrunner, Today I went back and read some old blogs and I think that might have been what I needed to find some inspiration. I have received several messages on the Contact Us form lately that tells me that people are still reading so I want to try to stay interesting! I look forward to reading what you think about the topic. Have a great holiday, too. Wish you could come gather round our table.

        Jackie, Sounds like we are on a similar wavelength – but that doesn’t surprise me, seems like we often are. When are you going to come to Mazatlan, anyway?

        Gabby, Welcome back to Mazatlán! I know it must be hard to move but I hope you’ll love it here as much as we do. We love all the free concerts and fun stuff that happens in Centro. Thanks for reading, hope to see you around town!

        Rebecca, I read 2013 and 2014 and I thought, “wow, that’s a long time from now” and then I realized it is almost 2011! You’ll be here before you know it! Where are you that you are having such a huge amount of snow? Just so you know, it’s 8 pm and I am still in shorts and a t-shirt… coolish but nice. When do you visit next?

        IslaGringo, I remember you resisted FB a lot. But it is a lot of fun, and even more fun for those of us who participate a fair bit. But blogging is important, too! I think we can all help each other stay inspired, it is such a fun group to be a part of, I don’t want any of us to fizzle out!

        Cynthia, Thank you for your understanding of the challenges of keeping it fresh and interesting. And I agree that Jonna should try it! I bet she’d post some fun photos since she always has her iPhone with her and has the eye for the wacky-interesting-funny.

    1. It’s funny that now that I am retired I hardly blog at all. When I was working I would write several posts every weekend and schedule them out to post every couple of days. I guess I just don’t have much to say anymore. But you are right that FB is taking the place for a lot of bloggers. Even our friend IG who said he hated FB and would never accept a friend request is on there now.

      For me FB is a way to keep in touch with all of my “Isla” friends rather than having to send a bunch of emails. I have so many friends around the US and on the island. I commented to a friend the other day that it’s funny how her and her daughter communicate via FB. Then I thought, hmmm… sometimes my daughter and I do too and she lives just down the street from me.

    1. Wow, you are living my dream! Congratulations.

      I want to become a Mexican expat in UK… well, that is my dream, call me crazy but I love the noise, the stress, big buildings, shops… and everything a big city has to offer… and I feel somehow stuck in here.

      I am a 27 years old girl who actually lives in Mazatlán. I have just moved from Monterrey and I am amazed of how much you love this town. It is like watching this place with different eyes! My family lives here and I had to move back because all of the crime and violence that now prevails in Monterrey.

      Keep blogging!!!

    1. I, too, have noticed the decline in blogging….and my willingness to faithfully read 35 or more blogs a day. I agree that after living here for awhile, it does all seem kind of ordinary to us. Plus, my problem is that I live on an island and nothing much changes. How many pretty beach pictures can one guy post?! I resisted FB for a long time. Now that I am on, I am on constantly. I really enjoy it and agree that some of the conversations can be fun. Some things are just plain stupid. But I do like the immediacy of it. It reminds me of the old days of sending post cards.

    1. I’m back at work today after a snow day yesterday that brought us 16″ of the heavy white stuff at our house. I live vicariously through your blog and check in to see what’s going on in Mazatlan before I start my work day. I love that you have links posted on the left side to so many other blogs too and have started to follow several others. I’ve wondered about the decline in blog posts that I’ve noticed on your blog and others’ too. It makes such good sense that you’re well established in life there enough now to be moving on from the level of blogging you used to do. My husband and I are planning on a move to Maz in 2013 or 2014 and spend as many days there on vacation as we can each year until we can make the move. One thing I love about blogs like yours and Jennifer’s is the archive and seeing the progression of observations over time. Thanks for writing. Rebecca

    1. I understand about your blogging slump, but hope that you find inspiration so I can keep coming here to read. I have followed you since your quest for the perfect city. I have enjoyed the journey.

      I’ve owned a home in Mexico for several years now and no longer take pictures of burros, huge potholes, colorful tiendas and what I am eating for lunch, so I can see what you mean. It does begin to seem less unique and more like real day-to-day life.

      Billieblog seems to head off in various directions at times; like now, as she captures images of Christmas in Houston. I am totally enjoying her posts. So maybe you just need a Mexico subject matter break. Might work.

      As for FB:

      I like Facebook, but only now that I recognize my control there. In the beginning, I felt this obligation to practice my Southern-girl manners and respond to each and every post that came my way. Now, I choose not to visit for day or two or three. When I do visit, I may only read the top page. Facebook can be work when you have hundreds of active friends and you are programmed for politeness. It has taught me that some of the people I drifted away from over the years, are still precious to me. (Of course, there is the other side of that coin too.) So Jonna, I say try it, and if you don’t like, just quit signing in.

    1. I would love to thank you for your blog. We are from the rainy city of Seattle. Your blog helps when I am longing for Mazatlan. I understand that nothing seems new as you have been here severl years. Although we are visitors here, we have been viviting 2-3 times a year for the last 10 years. There are yeas where we took only 3 photos. This year I would guess we have several hundred photos. What changed? Not digital, we have had that for years. We . have a new SLR camera, so the process is more fun now. This year was particularly fun with the lunar eclipse.
      Perhaps the same is true with your blug. The things I check blogs for is wwhat intrests people at the moment. I wish more people would take the time you do explaining and showing the prcess of everyday things such as your dogs at play or even your new rooftop space.
      What I really like about your site is that it is a pleasure to read and I have found links to ohter sites that are also fun to read. That might be more of a commentary of the personality of the writer. There are other sites that I read, but frankly some of the threads are so frustrating with the way people treat each other. I still read as some of the informaation I learn is valuable, but I know i never want to meet some of those people for any reason.

    1. We live on the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth MN. We are on track for record snowfall this year– 51″ so far this winter, just about at the record of 52″ at this point in the season set in 1995. I am just working for half the day today and then plan to hit the cross country ski trails for my first time this year. It’s a balmy 14 degrees.

      As to the 2013 or 2014 target date… We started exploring retirement locations a few years ago and once we found Mazatlan we knew it was right for us. We’ve taken to calling ourselves “half-nesters” with one high school aged daughter left at home who is with her dad and me half the time and her mom the other half the time. So we are here for a few more years. Although, not more than a few days goes by before one of us wonders out loud, How can we do this sooner? We brought her and my daughter to Mazatlan last February so they could see where we’ll wind up. Our next trip will be this March.

      Thanks for continuing to blog!

      1. Chris, Rainy Seattle! Just thinking about it makes me want to sit by a fire with a cup of coffee and a book… but of course back then (and for you now) it probably means getting out in it and slogging your way to work! I loved my life in Seattle but I love having blue skies all the time now. Thanks so much for your comments, holler next time you’re down and we’ll meet you at Pizza Moreno!

        Rebecca, Cross country skiing is such fun, I hope you have a great time. I have a Nordic Track for skiing indoors – not the same at all but… Do you read another blog on my blogroll – Dianne & Greg in Mazatlan? They have a 15 year old in school here and they often blog about things to do with the school and their son. Possibilities? Take care and stay warm!

    1. Isn’t it interesting that your blog about “not blogging” has elicited more comments than ever?

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