I’m in love

January 18, 2011

with my life, and my life in this place.  I know it wouldn’t be for everyone, but I love it.

Yes, I get aggravated at times but over all I love it.  It can be noisy, and dirty, and sometimes it smells like pee.  But I hear laughing throughout the day, every day.  People smile a lot.  Shy smiles, big smiles, every kind.

Not the most wheelchair friendly ramp.

Things are different here.  I like that.  I like walking to the mercado for fruits and vegetables.  I like going to the merceria for thread.  I go to the fruit & nut place for dried fruit and nuts.  I go to a half dozen stores to get my shopping done.  I use cash, not credit cards.

Impromptu parades happen all the time.

I like the little daily connections.  Buying a paper from the young man at a stop light.  Tipping the “viene viene” guy in the parking lot.  Tipping the person who bags my groceries.  Greeting our favorite alcoholic car wash guys. Greeting the dentista who loves Henry.

Some people go crazy over the top for Christmas.

I like the small community.  I like knowing people well, and having the time to get to know them well.  It still feels like a luxury to me.  Just today my book group came over to discuss a book and have lunch and it reminded me just how lucky I am to know so many interesting, kind, intelligent, and funny people.

Putting the controls for the underground utilities on the sidewalk seemed a bit of a bad idea to me.

I love that any time I want pretty much I can jump on my bike or take a walk or call someone and get together.  After a lifetime of responsibility and hard work and thriftiness I can now relax and do what I want.  Sometimes I want to read all day. Sometimes a long walk.  Sometimes we go to the beach and just marvel at our luck to be enjoying the sun and the sand.

Pretty nice spot, no?

I love that I have a wonderful partner to share life with – who has plenty of interests of his own so when we come together we are glad to see each other and have lots to talk about.  Our life view is so similar that we hardly argue and the stress in our lives is so minimal it is laughable.

It’s a combination of luck and good planning, but whatever the reason, I am glad we moved to Mexico and that we chose Mazatlán for our home.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Even New Orleans has a garbage odor-I think it just comes with the territory. I can’t wait to go to the Mercado, and the fabric store. I can’t wait to share this great place with some of my kids. And I’ve been scouting around for more restaurants, ones the locals eat at. Our kids will think we’re expert travel guides!

      Last May, our Pulmonia got caught in the middle of a graduation parade. It was the most fun ever! After the driver took us on a scenic tour of residential Mazatlan, he put an American 60’s rock and roll CD in and we four sisters plus the driver made our way back to Torres Mazatlan singing at the top of our lungs. That was the same day as the clown parade. A clown got on the bus and we bought noses from him. Then two guys got on and serenaded us. The best day I’ve ever spent in Mazatlan!

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed the post and it is exactly what I need today. I hope you enjoy every moment in Mazatlan. You always show glimpses that I might not have seen and they always bring a smile to my face.

    1. I agree with you completely and feel the same way about my/our life. Ain’t retirement great!!!

    1. Ahhhh, having the time to appreciate the plain old things that make it worth to get up each day…..
      You do indeed live in a great location, we often think that had we not chosen the forests of Mexico, your area would have been our choice!

    1. Exacto! I feel the same way. A few minor differences but overall the same. I could only dream of having my life like this, if I was NOB I’d still be working or worse yet unemployed and looking for work.


      1. All of you who take the time to comment are also part of what makes life wonderful to me. Thank you!

    1. Awsome pictures Nancy. I absolutely love the photograph of the home in ruins. Despite the fact that I have not had a lifetime of responsibilites, at a very early age I knew the difference of lifestyle between Mexico and the U.S. I always have a hard time explaining why I don’t mind moving to Mexico. Especially to family because my father left Mexico to give me a “better life” and here I am going back.

      1. Thanks for writing, Trinidad. Sounds like you have an adventure ahead of you – where in Nayarit are you moving? I’ve added you to my blogroll and am looking forward to reading about your adventures!

    1. Thank you for asking. I will be moving to a little “ranchito” called Ejido 5 de Mayo near a fishing port called San Blas. We are also 15 minutes from the capital of the state, Tepic. I do have quite an adventure ahead and hope to share that with all of my readers as well as get their feedback. I look forward to being fellow bloggers!

      1. Kathie, Erica, John, Contessa, Thank you so much. Life IS good!

        Mexican Trailrunner, I look forward to your post about handicapped ramps!

        Lauren, You are so right, I should always remember to include that in the things I’m thankful for. I am sorry your parents didn’t get to pursue their Mexico dream, hopefully some other plusses have been revealed to them.

        Linda, I am so sorry you feel afraid in Mexico. I don’t. But we all have to follow what feels right to us. I do hope you’ll come back to Mazatlan soon.

        Chris, Big cities aren’t for everyone, for sure. The thing I like about living in Centro is that it feels like you’re living in a small town but you have the big city amenities.

    1. I love your post! Makes me miss Mazatlan, it was in our sights for a place to live for while but in the end we just visited. It is a charming city!

    1. Lovely thoughts and photos. We only get to live this dream 5 months per year but the other months will come with time I hope.

    1. What a good post! I TOTALLY agree, couldn’t agree more. Everyday I have gratitude for living in this country and for my life.
      Now. . .about handicap ramps!!! OMG. You just reminded me, I want to do a post on that. They clearly just don’t get it. I actually saw one last week that ended in a 2 foot drop!!!! HS, what were they thinking!

    1. Awesome post, and the only other thing to add to it is that you have your health!! My parents always dreamed of living in Mexico, but shortly after they sold their home, and ALL their things in Canada she was diagnosed wtih ALS. Unfortunately, they were not able to really “live their dream”, but this post makes me think about how it would’ve been for them, and for that I thank you 🙂

    1. We enjoy your blog very much. We just came back from our 6 week vacation to Mazatlan, this was our 8th year in a row, but unfortunately it will be our last for a long time. We know of the violence with the drugs and people getting caught in the crossfire, it is very scary right now. Please stay safe.

    1. Great post, it is a pretty amazing city. When we lived in Maz I had a love hate relationship with it! I loved the people and the beaches and the Mercado and so much more. Couldn’t deal with the big city though…too much crazy traffic for me!!

    1. Linda, we live in a small, sleepy town in Montana. Right now, everybody is nervous because a pair of men are going around town breaking into houses and cars and stealing things. Crime is everywhere, drugs are everywhere. We’ve had a serial killer, a highway patrolman murdered and many drug rings right here in our town of 1500 people. I hope you change your mind about Mazatlan-I feel safer there than I do in many places in the US.

    1. I think I’m going to have to paste your whole blog entry over on my blog. I might have to change the pictures and a few descriptions but it sums up my life right now. Thanks for the reminder of what I love here.

      1. Thanks, Billie! I would love to read post about why you love it in San Miguel!

    1. Gratitude is a gorgeous emotion, Nancy, making us and the world around us better. Thank you for sharing! We are so glad you and Paul are part of our lives.

    1. Loved this post! I feel the same way about Mexico. Can’t wait until I am in San Miguel full time and enjoying all of those lovely things on a daily basis myself.

    1. Nancy, what a delightful entry in your blog. I check in regularly to see what you’re writing about, and this was a particular treat. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us followers!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Great post!

      Though I don’t live there yet, I love Mexico for many of the reasons you listed. Maz is charming, and F and I enjoyed our stay there last Semana Santa very much. Truth be told, I was a bit nervous about going to Maz, given its location in Sinaloa, one of the most drug-controlled states in Mexico. However we saw absolutely nothing to confirm those fears, and had a wonderful time.

      And having read your entire blog, it seems like you all have never had any problem with the narcos either. Let’s hope it stays that way.

      Meanwhile, the overly dramatic press accounts of the drug wars seem to be overdone.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where there are no narco gangs, but ice and snow remain a clear and present danger.

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