Hurricane Odile brushes past Mazatlán

September 15, 2014

Category 4 Hurricane Odile passed by (well, it passed by on the Baja Peninsula) and we were worried that the wind, rain, and storm surge would be worse than what we received from Norbert. But thankfully last night Odile gave us mostly wind and waves. We fared so much better than those poor folks over in Cabo, what a night they had over there!


The palapas along the malecón have really had a time of it. First Hurricane Marie, then Norbert, and now Odile each gave them a beating. Several palapas are gone, leaving a few traces but not enough for me to remember which they were.

The sand has been rearranged everywhere. Some places lost a lot, and others gained too much. Everyone is just stunned. Well, that is except the surfers and boogie boarders. They love the opportunity to ride waves anytime, anywhere.


The government did a good job with announcements and planning. They announced schools would be closed today early yesterday and I just read that the Grito this evening will continue as planned. Below is a short video from this morning’s walk.

If you’d like to see more pictures, they are here.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Poor Mazatlán!!! I feel so bad for the palapa operators. Looks like they’ll have a tough time of reopening. Let’s all hope there aren’t any more hurricanes there.

      I hope you all didn’t get too much water in the windows, or potted plants destroyed on the azotea.

      Saludos y buena suerte,

      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where it’s clearly early fall, but tranquilly so.

      1. Lynn, I haven’t heard from anyone out there but I also haven’t seen any awful pictures posted anywhere – which is a good thing. The storm surges were picky, it seems Isla de la Piedra, the palapas along the malecon, and the beaches north of Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay were the worst hit.

        Kim, The palapas for the most part get back to business quickly, but this has really been incredible… three times in a row. Lupe’s has a lot of work ahead of them and a few of the palapas have just vanished. But the news could be so much worse, my heart goes out to the people over in Baja. Horrible stories coming from there.

    1. We have been watching with dismay at all the damage on the shore to the beaches in Maz. Three in a row IS incredible. Glad you did not suffer damage yourself and hope the businesses can build up again quickly.


      1. Judith & Contessa, It has been a very hard season for those right on the beach. On my walk this morning I saw that at least 3 or 4 palapas are going to require a lot of work to get back open again, if it’s even possible. Very sad.

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