It’s a winter wonderland…

January 10, 2011

I love seeing Mazatlán through new eyes.  My older sister came to visit for a week and I loved showing her what our life is like and seeing her really understand the magic of this place.

The weather has been chilly – by Mazatlán standards, that is. High 50’s to low 60’s overnight and mid-60’s to mid-70’s during the day.  We’ve had a lot of wind, too – so a jacket or shawl is nearby at all times.  She joked that it would warm up when she left – and wouldn’t you know yesterday afternoon the weather turned warm again – well – for a few hours anyway.

The most important thing I love about Mazatlán is the people, and she got to meet a lot of our friends.  One evening was an art opening at the <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>Luna Gallery.  The works were all in black and white and all the people attending wore black and white, too.  This is a new gallery, and it is a wonderful addition to the already fabulous art scene here.  She met lots of people there and later when we went out for a glass of wine, too.   A couple of days later was the First Friday Art Walk.  During the winter dozens of artists open their studios and homes for people to see their work.  We had a blast, more people and fun of course.  There was more visiting here and there and more random conversations as we ran into people around town.  She could see how great the people are here, and if you ask me, she fit right in.

My sister has always loved to walk, and I knew I would walk her feet off a bit while she was here!  We took the dogs on long walks every day and then headed out around Centro on errands and whatever – but always on foot.  I took her to Casa de los Campesinos to see all the random Mexican hardware and buy her a Mexican pot scrubber. (I love those things!)  To Don Juan to buy bulk nuts and fruit.  To the mercado for avocados and lentils.  To the fabric store to see the amazing variety and low prices.  To the various plazas to sit and watch the people.  I can’t remember it all.  But we fell into bed tired from all the walking, rest assured.

My sister is days away from giving her notice to retire and she and her husband are planning a big move and life change. Even though they aren’t moving to Mexico there are lots of parallels between us and we had a great time talking about how fantastic an adventure like a big move is – it can energize you in ways you don’t expect. They are thinking about getting a dog, too, so it was wonderful that she got some cuddle time with Henry and Coco. They really fell in love with her and never neglected a chance to tell her so.

Sometimes I am sadly aware of how far I live from my family – but I do think that I would rather visit (or be visited) for a week than have more – but less intense – time together. I feel truly loved and connected in a way we’ve never had before. Next visit will be us heading to their new home and they can show us everything.  I can’t wait.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I’ve always been a wee tad jealous of people with close family ties; sisters to whisper with, brothers to protect you walking to school, but ignore you once there. Parents who sit and talk with you about dreams, college, life’s adventures. I will never let my children wonder or feel a cold winter when I put my arms around them and try to remember to be thankful for a kind and loving husband daily. Of course, I talk volumes to my five furry friends, too. You are one lucky girl. Isn’t it fun, that away from political correctness, we can be “girls” again?”

    1. Just found your blog by Googling “blogs Mazatlan” and yours was the first one to come up. We are totally in love with Mazatlan and hope to move there someday, when our family obligations here in Montana are less. We are taking our oldest son and his wife to Mazatlan in March-their first time there-and are sure they will fall in love. It’s funny, but one of my main reasons I love the place is the people too. Sure the weather, food, etc. but you have to be able to like the people. I’m planning on taking a small suitcase that I can take fabric home in this time. That huge fabric store across from the Mercado is wonderful and so reasonable. Much more so than the American stores that only concentrate on crafts and yard ornaments. They actually have lovely apparel fabrics. I’ll bookmark your blog and come back often. (We’ll be staying at Torres Mazatlan)

    1. And, after cruising through your blog a bit more, I see you are a knitter, too! I’ll definitely be back to visit!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I have been reading your blog since it began. My husband and I finally made the move to Mexico last September. We now live in Puebla, two hours south of Mexico City by bus. We flew down with our three cats and our dog. They and we are very happy here. Thank you for your wonderful blog which kept me motivted during the dark days of packing. If you ever get to Puebla, we would love to meet you. Gay

      1. Marty, Thanks so much for commenting, I think you’d love visiting the Yugo. It will be different every season.

        Gay, That is so nice of you to say! I’d love to hear what life is like in Puebla – do you have a blog? We get to Mexico City a couple of times a year but have never been to Puebla. I’ve saved your email so if we plan a trip there I will drop you a line, it would be lovely to meet.

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