Little cuties!

November 11, 2010

I love geckos.  We have them all over the house, and enjoy their kissing noises in the evening.  They are considered good luck, and since they eat bugs and are cute, we are happy to have them living with us!

They like to run around at night, and in the morning we have evidence of where they’ve been!  They like to hang out above one of my kitchen counters (yes, it get’s cleaned first thing in the morning) and on the curved hood above my range.  I need to get the ladder and wipe that down at least every couple of weeks.


But they do their job – we have very few mosquitoes here and I rarely see an ant or a fly.  The other day I turned on a ceiling fan and one must have been resting on the blade – he fell off right in front of me and I think we were both frightened!

We have two lights in our courtyard that have become home for a group of geckos.  They hang out there all night, waiting for the unwary bug to be attracted to the light – and then – it’s dinner!

Baby geckos have been everywhere for the last few weeks.  I like the one poking its nose out from under the light pictured below.


I apologize for not blogging much lately – we have had construction in the house and I have been sewing and reading a lot. Snowbirds are arriving back in town and the art and social whirl is getting going…so there is a lot going on, just not much that seemed worth sharing.  See you soon!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. We have a number of lizards that share residence with us at the Rancho – they leave their tell-tale-signs, but not a problem. We too enjoy their company.

    1. Always enjoy reading your posts…no need to apologize for being busy…glad the hiatus wasn’t because of illness or something.

      1. John, and Chrissy, Glad you like the little critters, too. Do you ever touch them? They feel very strange, very soft and dry. Eeek.

        Les, No, all is well, just having a bit of a blogger’s block. Along with being a bit cranky with a project that is now two weeks over its promised ending date. I’m sure I’ll be my old self again once we have the house to ourselves. Thanks.

    1. Nancy – I haven’t had an inclination to touch them. As it is nearly everything I do gets a “Wash your hands!” demand 😉

      But now I am going to take up the gauntlet. I will have to report back after our next visit.

    1. Boy, yours are big fellas. Mine seem so much smaller. The babies are really precious and at the size of a bobby pin, seem so in control of their surroundings. They tend to poke out of the most unusual places at times and I often wonder how something that small can make such a loud noise. Oh wait….crickets!

    1. love these guys and i did not know they eat mosquitoes! unfortunately, cookies loves them, too, but there is not much to do about that if he gets one, good news is they are fast and he is not!!!

    1. I capture them everytime I get a chance. I love their gooey skin. And I must add that yours are fatties. WOW. Chubby Geckos. Sounds like a great name for a rock band.

    1. Geckos are considered good luck in Hawaii as well. When my daughter was about 12 years old she was screaming bloody murder because there was a gecko in her room at the condo where we were staying. I simply opened the sliding door and shooed it out. Geckos have never hurt anyone that I know of.

    1. I have lived in Merida Mexico for 11 years now and have to admit, I love the geckos that reside with me. Last week I had a baby boom and now have about 5 little inch long babies running through the house. More so at night as they seem to sleep through out the day.

      A funny story, many many years ago, one one of my first visits to Mexico, while in Playa del Carmen, I was staying in a Palapa roofed cabana, the bed had a mosquito net around it, but when I crawled into bed the floor fan did not seem to penetrate the netting, so, all the while with the fear a giant spider landing on me without the netting, I chose to remove it, as to get the breeze from the fan on this steamy night. Now, this is the funny part, while laying in bed and at the exact time I was thinking of that giant spider from the palapa landing on me, PLUMP!!! Yes, it happened, I felt this “thing” land on my belly, although I have the sheet over me, I freeked…Leaped from the bed with a girlish scream and flicked on the light, lmao, only to find a kissing gecko looking up at me, not that giant spider I so feared. I honestly do not think I have ever laughed so hard at myself before.

      Needless to say I went back to bed, and yes, with the netting securely above and around the bed.

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