Road Trip! Road Trip!

September 12, 2007

Yesterday was a crazy day. We emptied all the remaining bits and pieces from the cupboards and washed them out. We sealed up all our boxes except our office box. Ran the library books back, to the bank for some cash, got Tiko’s wings trimmed, and put a bunch more things for Goodwill in the van.

The buyers of our house had their home inspection, too. Oh, boy, was he a finicky dude. Put on a space suit to go into the crawl space. Fussed around for ages. They were totally fed up with him – and they really want our place, so I think it will be alright. But I was a mass of nerves as we had to witness the inspector. I’m glad that it’s over.

This morning our hauler comes to take the last stuff to the dump, so we are up early to finish up where we left off last night. The dogs are sticking to us like glue and are very anxious. This has been the only home either of them have ever known.

Tonight we are staying at a local motel. We plan on leaving early on Thursday for the road trip to our new life!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. It is really happening! Last year when we left Houston after selling all our stuff, I was like a bird. Felling so light and free. I think I could have flown to SMA. Have a safe trip down and write along the way if you can.

    1. We have been following your “journey” for the last year or so. We too, aspire to retire SOTB, and your Blog has helped IMMENSELY. Wishing you good luck and safe passage as you embark on this new chapter in your lives. Stay well, and take care of each other.

    1. Have fun and have a safe trip. It will be nice having you closer to us. Thanksgiving in Mazatlan???


      Adam and Martha

    1. Good luck on the road and have fun!I think we were about halfway to Mazatlan when we realized everything we were responsible for was all in the truck and the small trailer we were pulling. It was the most liberating feeling!

    1. Paul & Nancy –
      We are heading out before noon – a stop in New Mexico to drop a vehicle off and then heading south. Exciting – no?

      Here we go – drive and be safe!

      John & Anita

    1. Don’t forget to drop by Eugene on your way south and pick up your new maid. I don’t think that my kids and husband would miss me too much.
      In all seriousness…have a safe trip. Can’t wait to read this blog when you guys are safely ensconced in your casita.

    1. Congradulations on your move.

      My husband and I bought a condo in Cabo and spent our first winter there. We plan on doing 6 months in Gig Harbor and 6 months in Cabo.

      I came across your site while looking for information about applying for an FM3. What paperwork did you need for the Seattle Consulate? I have income statements, marriage license, (with Apostille) letter of good conduct from Pierce County Law Enforcement, passport photos and application form.

      Do I need anything else?

      Have a safe drive and drive during daylight hours.

      Enjoy Mexico!

      Jean from Gig Harbor

    1. Congratulations to you both for all the work that you have put into this new journey in your life. Thank you for sharing your story with us, its been such a treat to follow along with you to your countdown. I hope that you continue to write while you are in Mexico as it gives me something to dream about as I sit here at my desk job in Vancouver!

    1. Conglatuation on your move.
      I found your blog today and you’re just moving! We’re planning to do similer thing a few years from now. This is very exciting. Hope see more “new life” in mexico soon.

    1. I have had the pleasure to read your blog and found it very informative. I wish you the best on your travels and look forward to reading about your experiences down south.

    1. I just looked at your clock ticking off the hours until you are officially living in Mexico and thought that this blog (which has been great reading!) is about to get even better.

    1. Thanks, everyone!

      We’ve made it to Medford, Oregon so far!

      And it feels great!

      We are hungry and the dogs need a walk so a post will probably be later tonight!

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