Surfing Adrian

June 11, 2011

The waves have been pretty nice lately, I imagine part of the reason is the tropical storm Adrian, out in the ocean way west of us.

This morning the surfers were enjoying themselves – of course a Saturday morning always has more surfers than a weekday, but today was even more popular than usual.  I counted more than 20 surfers at one point.

There are a mix of surfers and bodyboarders.  Bodyboarders like to do a move where they go in a 360 degree circle on the crest of a wave, and we saw a number of surfers do a bouncing action, probably to make them go faster when they start to stall.  We sat for a half hour or so this morning watching.

Below is a short video of the action. Once you click “play” if you change the 360 to 720 HD you’ll be able to see the action much clearer. You can also make the video full screen.

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    1. I was on that spot exactly 2 hours ago, i was sit down a side a couple recording the surfing accion with a digital camera ¿Probably you?

      1. Leobardo, That’s funny! It probably was…especially if the couple had two small dogs, a white one and a black one! Darn, I would have liked to have met you!

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