Everyone is moving slowly now

July 15, 2010

It’s summer here, finally, and it is hot and humid.  Everyone is carrying their washcloths with them and mopping their brow as needed.   The streets are empty at mid day, or if you head out you carry your umbrella.  Not for the rain, silly!  For the sun.

So far so good for me using chia seeds to help with my hydration this summer.  I seem to have a normal amount of energy and no headaches so far. (knock on wood)  Yesterday I really tempted fate though with a bike ride from here to Valentino’s and back at 11 am!  That is a bit late for bike riding, especially without a hat.  I’ll try to go earlier, but it’s still fun – the national tourists are here in droves and they are all really enjoying the water.  It’s great to feel their enthusiasm.

The summer crankies have hit two out of three message boards in town with people criticizing each other for writing messages with capital letters or advising this and that about satellite tv.  It happens every summer when people either lock themselves in the air conditioning with their computer… or maybe it’s those who swelter and drip, I don’t know. It is tiresome, though.

Paul and I have been crossing things off our to-do list, too.  We finally got a fan hooked up over our cooktop (see top) the fan is attached to the chimney at the roof. The curved hood over the cooktop is actually a chimney so this is how we had to do it.  You should see our roof, it looks like we have a restaurant or something with all fancy metalwork.  This was important to me since Paul and I cook left-and-right and I am a vegetarian.  Now all odors go up and out!
We’ve made arrangements with a local carpenter to build an island in the kitchen.  We’ve had a metal work table there but some of the stainless steel is already rusting and it just isn’t big enough.  I’m really looking forward to this, especially since I have been baking so much.

Projects around town are proceeding slowly.  If at all!  Here are a few updates:

Zaragoza Park – They have been working on this for about six months. It is still a big mess.


Pino Suarez Mercado – The fire in February brought about a gigantic renovation that includes all the adjacent streets and sidewalks, undergrounding utilities, and other work including as you see above, window replacement or repair.
Plaza Hidalgo, also known as Plaza de Los Leones or Library Plaza because there is a library in the center. More than a month ago some of the walkway was removed without proper permits, and INAH shut the work down. About two weeks ago they started jackhammering and removed all of the walkway surfaces. It has been sitting there with just dirt for at least two weeks. It is rainy season, and I am wondering what kind of mess we will have when it really starts raining? This park, like all in México, is well used. Where did all those old timers go who sat there every day?
The Hotel La Siesta on the malecón has been upgrading its look. They are adding molding above the windows and the balconies have been structurally improved with steel and the railings changed. This will give it a look more in keeping with Centro Historico. I wonder what colors they will paint it?
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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. An island will look great in your kitchen, can’t wait to see how you do it. Our hood is also a chimney and I have considered having a fan put in, not sure if it goes up on the roof or down at the start. Really, it draws pretty well now since it is a long rise so it probably won’t make it to the top of the to do list.

      I saw those chia seeds that Theresa bought at Chedraui one time, didn’t buy them and now have not seen them again. I’ve been looking too.

      1. Jonna, It is designed already – 40″ by 50″ and will have two doors on each side with two sliding shelves behind each door. The wood finish will be the same as the rest of our cabinets, it will have wheels mostly hidden underneath and a black honed granite top. I really wanted butcher block but they don’t have maple here and some of the other hard woods aren’t recommended as food safe. Not sure why, but granite will probably actually be easier with all my baking.

        Does your mercado have a vendor of herbs and spices? That’s where I buy my chia in bulk. You might try looking there. I even give it to the dogs.

    1. Hola! Great Blog! I should have started reading sooner.

      F and I were in Mazatlan for Semana Santa, and spent a fair amount of time in the Old Centro. I’m amazed they are STILL working on Zaragosa Park. That thing in the middle is turning out to be a lot more elaborate than we would have guessed. It’s kind of cool-looking, actually, like the bottom of a giant chess piece.

      I found Mazatlan charming in a faded kind of way. But even during Semana Santa, it was on the warm and humid side. It must be a real challenge to get through the summer there, no? I lived in Houston for a few years, so I know about hot and humid.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we are currently experiencing what the natives refer to as “hot and humid.” If they only knew. LOL…

      1. Kim, Thank you! Yes, the work around town really is dragging on. Now I’m wondering if it has something to do with the change in administration in the city and state government? Who knows. Supposedly the mercado will be done by the end of August but we haven’t read anything lately about the Plazuela Zaragoza. Faded charm really describes Mazatlán, although the painting projects around Centro have brightened it up a lot. But one of the reasons we love it here is that it isn’t all polished up, it is a gritty Mexican fishing town, mostly. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hola Nancy…..as always enjoyed your pics and comments….passed by Plaza Zarogaza today and it looks like it’s just about finished….all they need now is to put in some benches so I can sit and rest when I’m on my my home from doing errands in that area….had a great time with you and Paul last Sunday….let’s do it again soon…..Jon

    1. how exciting your new projects are, and we like the town rennovation projects, as you know we are fond of La Siesta, but hope they don’t go pink on us. LL

      1. Linda Lou, Oh, I hope you didn’t jinx it by saying PINK!

        Jon, Yes, benches and lighting and they need to bring the trees they “stored” back! It will be great when the Thursday night Danzon is back, too! Sunday was fun, see you soon!

    1. Thanks for linking to me in your Mexican Cooking Blogs list. I appreciate it. You have a very nice blog here. Hope you are enjoying your new life and home in Mexico.


      1. Kathleen, I found your blog recently and just love it. How did I miss it all this time??? I’m an avid cook and baker and while I’m a vegetarian I am going to be making a lot of your recipes. This afternoon I may make the chocolate pumpkin seed cookies! I am reading my way backwards and enjoying it like crazy. Thanks to you!

    1. Nancy, thanks so much for the pictures from ‘our part of town’. It’s always an adventure coming back to see what has changed. Plaza Hidalgo was a surprise – hopefully the work there will progess a bit faster than what’s happening (or not) at Zaragosa Park as we walk through it on almost a daily basis. Can’t wait to see the renos in the kitchen!!

      1. Sandie, I just read that the mayor promises these parks will be finished with his administration but it sounds like they are out of money. And the new mayor comes in in January! Who knows, I have my fingers crossed!

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