Summer is here, but where is the rainy season?

July 22, 2010

Summer arrived in Mazatlán a bit late this year, but it is in full swing now.  I think there have only been four rains so far this year, though… and that just doesn’t seem like enough!  Yesterday seemed like a particularly steamy day and towards evening we had our usual discussion about whether it just might rain overnight.  The rain brings a bit of humidity but it cools off the concrete, too, and that helps a lot. In the middle of the night I was pleased to hear the rain and got up to shut the doors to our upstairs patios just in case it started raining hard.  (We have wrought iron doors so we are secure.) This morning it felt a bit fresher, so that was nice.

In the summertime I kind of hole up at home during the day.  Dog walks and bike rides are over by 10 am and the rest of the day I putter around with my projects.  Then in the evening we venture out again.  Recent projects… well I rearranged my office into more of an office-craft-sewing space.  I made terry cloth arm covers for our tv room chairs.  I sewed new dog bed covers.  I knitted.  I baked bread.  I read.  I have read a lot, lately.

When I was a kid I used to go to the library every week and come home with a pile of books I could barely carry.  The only time I  haven’t been an avid reader was when I was in college when there was too much required reading to do.  One of the things that I love most about this time in my life is that I can read whenever I want to and as much as I want to.

Before I had a Kindle I used to stockpile books for the possibility that I’d be stuck it the house or something and couldn’t get out and get books.  I didn’t feel right unless I had about a dozen books in the house waiting for me.  Now that I have the Kindle I can just relax – I can fill it up with books and read to my heart’s content.

I have a large library of ebooks I have accumulated.  They’re all in various formats but it is easy to convert them to Kindle formats (.mobi and .azw) using the free software Stanza or Calibre.  In addition to those, there are lots of books available through Project Gutenberg, Full BooksFree Books,  and MobileRead.  If you’re considering or have an e-reader, check them out.  I am having the time of my life being able to read all I want anytime I want.  

Paul has been reading a lot, too, but most recently he has been working on learning some new web content management tools just for fun.  That’s when he isn’t working or snacking on my latest bread creation!

While we are lounging around reading and mopping our perspiration, we also have been enjoying our new puppy, Coco.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy – Now that we’re safely back on land the rainy season can do its thing. Rain and lightning are not much fun when you’re 20 miles offshore.

      Speaking of books, I really enjoyed the ones you gave me ~ thanks so much!

      1. 1st Mate, You’re back safe & sound, let the rains begin!

        Steve, For an avid reader, any e-reader makes sense. Paul covets the iPad, he would use it with the Kindle app for books so he could share any Amazon purchases with me. A friend here in Maz had to return her Nook since it wouldn’t receive here, but I’ve had no trouble with the Kindle. Good luck deciding!

    1. Nancy,

      When I was home last week, I stopped in at the library to get a few books — the “I only want to read them once and not own them” type of books. It felt so good to check out a few CDs and grab books not on my list without having to pay for any of it. I miss that, but you’re convincing me that an ereader might be a good replacement for the lack of a public library…

    1. Your content is now coming up without delay, so I think it might have been a fluke. It is so hard not to wax lyrical about the Kindle, isn’t it? It is, other than dogs and husband, not necessarily in that order, one of my dearest possessions!! I would never be without it again. The Luddites all soon change their minds once they have one in hand. Coco looks like she has been there forever.

    1. I just opened up your book list. Thanks! I just love getting book recommendations. My mother in law used to keep a book list like that and looking over yours made me realize how much I miss that connection. She’s not able to read anymore but loves to be read to. Books and the love of reading have such an emotional draw. I too have had a lifelong love for books and reading– curling up with a good book is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve not really considered a Kindle since I think I’d miss the pages and the feel of a book etc. Does it still feel like reading a book? It would be nice not to lug a big bag of books to the cabin or on vacation.

      1. Alice, You would love an e-reader within ten minutes of reading on it. I love it.

        Zoe, Books used to be on parchment scrolls, wonder if there was such a furor when the printing press was created. Just new technology for getting information to the people is all!

        Rebecca, I love book lists, too. Especially when I find someone who likes the same kind of books that I do. And it is just like reading a paper book, only better. Really. And you can take travel guides or knitting patterns or whatever on it, too. Very convenient.

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