July 2, 2010

a new member of our pack!  Coco is a stray dog that was rescued by Jan of Proyecto Animales de la Calle.  She is about seven months old, and appears to be part poodle and part terrier.  Maybe.

Our dogs stay with Jan whenever we go out of town so they got to know Coco a bit when we went on our birthday getaway.


dsc01947Lucy, Henry, and Coco.

One thing led to another and we decided to ask Coco to join our pack.  It is wonderful to have a little one in the house again, and Henry especially loves having someone to play with.  Lucy seems a bit indifferent, but she is starting to show her age and is most interested in napping somewhere near to either Paul or me.

Coco is a very sweet puppy… she really wants to please, and her only fault so far is that she jumps up on you when you come in the door.  She knows “sit” and “down” already.  I am working with her on “stay.” She and Henry are almost the same height, but Henry is a bit stockier.  We think they’ll probably be pretty close in size when she is full grown.


When we had our farm it was called “Black Dog Farm” and all our dogs were always black, so we are bucking tradition here, but it just feels right.




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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Coco is adorable – I can see why Henry and Lucy have welcomed her as the new member of the pack. We can’t wait to meet her in person in November!

    1. Awe..she really is a cutie pie! Congratulations.

    1. Nice puppy……nice puppy!
      She looks like she will be a nice addition to the family.
      Nothing better than a furry friend to sit on your lap now and then.

    1. She is absolutely adorable. I have been wanting another dog, but Husband is dead set against it. So I figure if the universe wants me to have another dog, it will show up. Mr Dog is semi indifferent to other dogs.

    1. She is very cute. Her colouring and face reminds me a bit of a wheaten terrier. They have wonderful dispositions. Enjoy your new member of the family.

    1. Like I didn’t know THAT would happen. What is the other name for Patricia?… Patsy! Just kidding, of course. She is the one we almost fostered and better you than we, with four already. What a cutie pie and now you can truly say you have a menage a trois. Congratulations and heartily so. I love dogs so much and am really thrilled for you. Also, nice to see you today. Larry is our computer guy, so I try to do him favors on occasion, taking him to Sams, as he doesn’t charge us. I know which side my bread is buttered on.

      1. Thanks everyone! She is adorable…. but we just got home from celebrating the rain with a Mexscape forum group at the Olas Altas Steak House and found that she had chewed up a cardboard box while we were gone. Henry and Lucy acted like they didn’t know a thing about it, too! Aaaaah, life with a puppy!

    1. What a cutie pie. She looks so sweet. Both she and your family are lucky, enjoy each other.

    1. Oh, she’s so cute. That face! How wonderful that you added her to the pack, she’s another lucky dog.

      1. Brenda & Jonna, Thank you, she really is adorable! We have a thing for stray dogs…. But I also can’t believe that we’ve been able to stay cat-free all this time! I should probably knock on wood, though. Ha Ha

    1. Cats, I don’t think you should have said that out loud lol. You have tempted fate now. Be prepared. lol

    1. Hey Nancy,

      I heard about this dog before I left for BC and Jan was very happy the dog went to you and Paul. I didn’t know at the time who it was going to. Both parties are very forunate. Congrats and see you soon!!!


    1. Nancy, she’s a ringer for Chica! Seriously, if Chica weren’t sporting a pink leg, and if she didn’t have a horrible home haircut today, they could be twins! i was told she was part Maltese, and I’ve always thought part terrier too.

    1. Can you say absolutely adorable!!!!! I also want another one, but I do know 3 will be tough….

      1. Brenda, Oh no! No cats here – litter boxes – eek!

        Sonja, Did we beat you to Coco? We are thrilled to have her. When do you come back? We still need to go to Zab Thai.

        Bliss, longer legged than Chica, but very similar!

        Lauren, Thanks. 3 is a challenge but we love it!

      1. Suki, She is a darling, maybe you need to come meet her in the flesh??????

    1. A Caribbean Terrier… love it! The breed is very popular in Cozumel… We are thinking about adopting one ourselves soon! Thanks for sharing.


      1. Pawel, Yep, she’s an adorable Mexican street dog – we saw a shaggy dog that could possibly be her daddy this morning, you never know.

    1. That’s the best game among people with rescue dogs, ‘whose your daddy?’. We think we have worked out the parents of our 2 Akumal beach dogs and we know who has them now and we have family gettogethers. The dogs are not as sure as we are that they are related.

    1. That’s the dog I have been looking for since I got to Mexico! Congrats on the new baby!

      1. Jonna, “Who’s your daddy?” I love it!

        Islagringo, Thank you very much, she is an absolute sweetheart. I hope you find one just as sweet one day.

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