We’re back from a break!

June 25, 2010

Paul’s birthday is in June and each year we have been taking advantage of low season summer specials for hotel rooms in Mazatlán to have a bit of a getaway.  Last year we spent only one night at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, and this year decided to spend two nights at the Inn at Mazatlán.  It is great to lounge by the pool and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning!

The Inn at Mazatlán’s staff seems very friendly and competent.  They do sell time shares there but once they heard we live here they asked for our room number so they wouldn’t bother us.  We had a Junior suite that was nice and clean, and the furnishings were comfortable and  modern.   The view from our room is at the top of the post.

The hotel doesn’t have free wi-fi – you have to go to their business office during  office hours, and (I believe) pay for internet access. We didn’t bother with that, just took our laptop over to Rico’s Coffee across the street for a nice coffee and breakfast. We loved their waffles and french toast! 

We changed into swimsuits and headed straight to one of the two pools.  Happy Hour starts at 1 pm and of course I received two margaritas at once.  We swam, and read, and then swam and read some more.  The picture below is where we could be found for most of two days.


We had lackluster food most of the time we were in the Golden Zone – at the hotel’s restaurant, Papagayo, at the Italian restaurant Villa Italia, and at a Spanish tapas restaurant named El Parador.  I am wondering if the head chefs around town take the summer off and leave their underlings in charge.  A picture of El Parador is below – we love the Miró inspired art and furniture.  They did make a mean Spanish coffee and a terrific Roquefort salad, though, that are worth going back for!


Paul is still working part time so it was nice for him to get away from work for a bit.  Both of us enjoyed being away from day to day chores and relaxing and reading as much as we wanted. But –  we are both homebodies and were ready to head home after a couple of days.

I know Paul had a happy birthday, and next year we’ll try another spot!


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I really admire Paul for his ability to keep a part-time job going while living in Mexico. I wanted to do that. But it was evident I would not have succeeded. I am far too tempted by events in my village. Perhaps, a bit of self-discipline might help. But I lost most of that when I went south.

    1. What a great idea each summer! You guys really have such a nice life … and seem so content.

    1. Even a 2 day get away in your home town can be a great break. The pool alone could have made the vacation for me if I lived somewhere where it was HOT.
      A couple of years ago I had a friend who flew into Portland two days earlier than we were going to Maui. I booked a room at a hotel downtown for us to stay in since I never seem to get to enjoy all that downtown Portland has to offer even though I have worked downtown all my adult life. We had a great time in downtown eating at restaurants that were just blocks from my office.

    1. Happy Birthday to Paul! What a great idea to stay in a hotel in your home town, a wonderful break.

      1. Steve, Paul likes working, it gives some structure to his day… he usually works from 9-1 or thereabouts. Of course, not to mention the money! That is hard to pass up. We still have plenty of time to goof around town and I usually do my chores while he’s working so it works out fine.

        AMM, We have a great life and ARE very content. We really appreciate what we have.

        Jackie, We don’t have a water view or a pool so those are nice to enjoy every once in a while. The weather has just heated up in the last week so it was the perfect time for a break. I know what you mean about seeing a different side of your home town.

        Jonna, He had a great birthday and we’re already trying to decide where we’ll go next year!

    1. What do you do for yours? Anything similar? If John were more into swimming or water, I would love to do this but he isn’t; kind of a waste as the pool is one of the best things…along with poolside beverages, of course. ‘-) He could read, but getting to hot to sit out and do that in July. It is a fun way to get away without having to travel but too bad about the food, isn’t it? For a city this size, it is woefully lacking other than a few of our favorites like Molika and La Cueva.

      1. Zoe, My birthday is April 3 so it usually falls in the midst of Semana Santa. Kind of a bummer! But it seems like I almost always have family visiting then, so that is fun. I was quite bummed out about the food we had – really way below my already low expectations.

    1. Happy Belated Birthday to Paul! Love the hotel idea – when Mike and I were younger (much younger) we used to check into a hotel for our Anniversary every year. It is a treat having someone cook and clean for you, but we agree, the food in the Golden Zone is just now what we have become used to in Centro. But the pool!!!! and the view!!!! and the beach!!!!!

      This year, we will have to make a point of having a Nancy Day somewhere around your birthday.

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