What do you do in a long Mazatlán summer?

September 10, 2013


Well, it depends if you’re a dog or a human.  At the top of this post you’ll see Coco looking out at the rain.  The last few days she’s done that a lot, too!  We received nine and a half inches in two days recently, and the proof is in the bucket left outside, below.   But while Coco was looking out at the rain, her humans were collecting wet towels and mopping here and there.  Every big rainstorm is a little different and for the most part we stay dry.  But there are a few leaky windows and doors that if the wind hits them just right the rain gets driven in.



Coco and Henry spend a fair bit of time relaxing on the couch (below) while we sit in between the two fans. Every once in a while we invite them to get their feet wet to cool off, and they like that a lot.  We hardly every take them for walks in the summer since by the time we are coffee’d up enough it is usually too warm.




I like to cook in the summer.  Seems strange that I’d want to heat up the kitchen but if it’s a million degrees in there, what’s the difference?  Last week I made some delicious sourdough bread and to go with, a nice vegetable soup.  There have been excellent brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes in the stores lately so we’ve had a lot of them.  I made a delicious ginger syrup that I combined with mineral water for a refreshing ginger ale, and I followed blog commenter Jennifer Rose’s advice and also made some pomegranate juice and froze it in ice cubes also to combine with mineral water.  I continue to make kefir every day, too.  Not to sound all goody-goody Paul and I have been enjoying a nice Manhattan or Gin and Tonic most evenings to combat the heat… right?




I have been reading a lot lately, too.  This summer has been the summer of fantastic books for me.  My favorite so far is Ruth Ozeki’s “A Tale for the Time Being as well as two by A. M. Homes –  “This Book Will Save Your Life” and May We Be Forgiven.  You can always check out what I’m reading by going to my Goodreads page via the Social Media Links above.

Of course we have gotten together with friends for meals.  I have had several nice women-only events like a Sunday brunch and lunches and a knitting get together.  But it’s all low key and relaxed, for sure.  Below you can see one of my crafty projects… I made bracelets out of plastic knitting needles.  I bought them at a thrift store when I was in the US in July.  I’ve also been working on a winter sweater, if you’re on Ravelry you can see my progress here.


I hope you’re having as nice a summer as we are.

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