I Love Spring in Mazatlán

April 18, 2012

I love the change of seasons, especially from Winter to Spring. As you’ll see above, we get a lot of fog in the mornings.  This morning the fog made everything so wet it seemed like it had rained. Why else do I love the Spring here?

Even though it is warming up the air still has that lovely cool undercurrent.

It’s the end of the growing season here…but I am growing cantelope melons – they should like the upcoming hot weather. Our heirloom tomatoes, basil, and beans are doing well – I made a big batch of pesto last week since we had a bumper crop of basil.

It’s palm tree blooming time… that meant it was time to call Chuy and have him come climb up the palm and remove the sagging fronds and cut out the blossom bunches that turn into messy berries.  Last week he did that and also removed part of our bamboo, too.  Everything seems so neat and there’s so much more light!

We are sleeping so wonderfully right now!  It is warm during the day but cool at night – just perfect for sleeping!  We have iron doors on the front and back and they admit the most perfectly cool breezes all night long.  A floor fan provides enough white noise so the barking dogs, roosters, car alarms, and cathedral bells are lost in the background.

Some of our snowbird friends have headed North but many are still here.  Things are winding down, though, and the atmosphere is much more relaxed, or at least it seems that way to me! A few friends who normally head North are spending the summer here this year, which is great news.

The hummingbird population ebbs and flows during the year, but right now there are lots around – they spend their days fighting, bathing in the fountain, eating at the feeder or the flowers, and providing nonstop entertainment to their human friends.

I love that I hardly notice mosquitoes here at all.  Once in a while during the rainy season we have a few, but we don’t have screens and our house is open all the time.  We did just have the notorious termite hatch – which this year was just a couple of evenings with only a few of them “going toward the light.”

Springtime is also a perfect time for visitors, if you are thinking about a trip to Mazatlán, come on down.

Gratuitous dog photo below of our adorable little Coco.  See you!


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. A photo of Coco is never gratuitous; it’s a necessity! At least for all of us pooch smoochers. ‘-)

    1. -1C in Kelowna this morning, spring has lost it’s way. When you are done please send it North.

      1. Thanks, Zoe. I think so, too!

        Contessa, If you had listened to me you’d have stayed down here another month!

    1. Lucky Little Coco……
      Getting a few overcast skies and the wind is picking just a tad here in the mountains…only drops down the upper 40’s last night, no more burning wood in the fireplaces for awhile.
      You are lucky to be able to grow melons…nothing like vine ripened melons and tomatoes!

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