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January 12, 2010

I’ve talked before about how there is always a lot going on in Mazatlán in the wintertime.  Here’s a taste:

Last Friday was the First Fridays Art Walk.  (actually the second Friday because of New Years Day) A couple of friends came over and the four of us headed out together.  There had to be several hundred people cruising around Centro clutching maps (see above) and visiting artist studios, galleries, and private homes.  We saw some wonderful art while chatting and sipping wine.  It would be impossible to visit all the studios on the tour in one evening, which means every month you have a chance to see new things.


We ate dinner in the Plazuela Machado after checking out the voting for the King of Joy (Thomas Antonio “El Centenario”), the Prince of Joy (Juan Reyes), the Child Queen (Karime de la Cruz Barrón) and Flower Queen (Adamaris Flores Cortez) that was taking place at the Plazuela Republica. (Left to right in picture, above)

Saturday there was a meeting that overflowed the meetingplace put on by Democrats Abroad Mexico.  The topic was Medicare in Mexico.  I didn’t attend the meeting, but it sounds like the new national officers of Democrats Abroad are excellent and there will be more to come on the work to promote Medicare in Mexico.

Sunday morning there was a dog walk fundraiser for the Amigos de los Animales.  It was a lot of fun.  Paul and I were amazed that when you get a group of dogs together who have never met before, they behave like a pack, just walking along together like they’d been doing it forever!  If you’re on Facebook, pictures of the Caminando are here.


Authors Stella Bell, Ethel Stockton, Marshall Mason, Ruth Clarke, PJ Reese, Susan Carnes

Sunday afternoon was a fund raiser for the Mazatlán Membership Library.  Called Write on Maz, it was held in the courtyard of the art museum.  Six published authors discussed the ins and outs of  finding inspiration, writing, publishing, and promoting their work. It was an excellent afternoon that began with great music and food, continued with the excellent talks, and finished with many nice raffle prizes being distributed.  And the fundraiser was a success, with an air conditioner to be installed in the library… sure to make browsing in the summer more pleasant!


Coming up is a chance to see a one man play called “The Power of Ignorance.”  Our friend Ken Albanese is performing the show, which is a theatrical fundraising event to benefit Friends of Mexico Scholarship Fund and Proyecto Animales de la Calle.  It is being performed on January 26 and February 3 at 8 pm at Canuck’s.  Tickets are 150 pesos.  (To reserve your e-tickets send an email to ignorance.maz (at)  Provde your name, date & number of tickets desired.  Payment is made at the door)  The last I heard the first show was almost sold out, so inquire soon if you are interested!

There are lots of other things going on, too.  I try to keep the calendar page updated as much as possible, but it can be a challenge sometimes… there is just so much to do here!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy, your site is such a great resource! I really admire the extra effort you go to to make people aware of the fun and interesting things to do in Mazatlan. I really appreciate it as I would not have been aware of some of the events that you have posted.

      I’m from Canada and was here for Artwalk – I highly recommend everyone have at least one visit to the First Friday Artwalk as it was so cool to meet the very talented artists – although I was able to restrain myself from having to add an ‘extra piece of luggage’ for my trip back to cold Canada.

      I am so impressed with your blog that I have added it as a recommended resource to my website for people considering expatriating.

      Nancy, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      1. Gail, Thanks so much for your kind words and the link! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself in Mazatlan! Congratulations on the nice site, too.

        Mexican Trailrunner, Yes, eat your hearts out! We have the best weather in the world from Nov 10 to June 20. Then the furnace clicks on! Right now it is perfect, low to mid 80’s during the day, 60’s at night. You can wear pants sometimes at night without getting too hot, and I have the occasional need to use one of my knitted wraps. Did I say Perfect? It is! Wanna come for a visit?

    1. Yes, I wanna come for a visit! Maybe March/April. Renewing IMSS and other commitments currently, after that! Weather here really hot, dry, and dusty April/May until rains mid June. Then perfectly heavenly.
      Haven’t been to Mazatlan for about 12 years. Rented a house in centro way back in the 60’s and lived for a few months in Mazatlan then.
      Would love to come visit, meet you guys, and renew my love for Mazatlan again.
      You’re lucky to live there. . .well, from Nov to June.

    1. Wasn’t “Write On Maz” a fantastic event? What a talented and enthusiastic group of writers we have here in Mazatlan!
      Just like a say – Maz is a candy store of activity!

    1. Normally, we try to do it all. Had planned to go on the artwalk, didn’t make, had planned to go to the Plaza, didn’t make it, wanted to go to the fundraiser, decided not to spend the money with having to get new computers, etc. Then next month many things are happening on the same day, piggy backed and it doesn’t stop there! Whew!!!

      I agree with Gail, your blog site is one of the most enjoyable and professional around and I salute you, Nancy. Even though I only live a few blocks away in Mazatlan, I read it daily just to see if there might be something I missed. Better go take a siesta to get ready for NEXT week! (although, I have to looks pretty wide open….so far)

      1. Trailrunner, It’ll be so great to meet you! Especially since we think we are going to look for a place Lakeside for 4-6 weeks this summer!

        Mary, Yes, Write on Maz was terrific. I am really glad I went.

        Zoe, Yes, it is funny how things do pile up on the same day, we do the same as you – sometimes do lots and sometimes stay home. Just depends. But all the stuff we did last weekend was so fun! Thanks for the compliment on the blog, I enjoy doing it, but it is nice to hear others like it too!

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