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January 24, 2010

There’s been a lot of activity in various buildings  around Centro lately – some good and some bad.

About a week ago there was a bit of a furor with several properties being remodeled or razed without the authority of INAH. (INAH is the historic preservation organization)

There was a building demolished in Centro.  (above)

The historic Haas home is being redone partially to become the new home of the Carnaval Museum, and they started to break a hole in a wall for a doorway without authorization.  There was a stop work order put on the property until the proper permits could be obtained.  (The Haas family has donated the space for the Museum) (Picture is below.)


The Plazuela Zaragoza has been discussed in the paper recently with regard to a planned renovation. So, when they started work on the Plazuela that included pulling up the battered sidewalks and demolishing the 1950’s kiosko, we didn’t think anything was amiss!  But there weren’t proper permits for that work, either, and a stop work order went up there, too!  After a few days things were ironed out and Paul and I walked by just as they were pulling down one of the kiosko pillars.  First one guy had been pulling on it with a rope and then two other guys ran over (one was in business clothes) and started pushing, and down it came!  (The next two pictures)



Then late Wednesday night the cement canopy over the sidewalk at the Hotel Belmar at Olas Altas fell down with a crash!  It turned out that the metal inside the concrete had severely decayed.  The canopy destruction revealed arches that we hadn’t been aware of, but unfortunately they were covered over when the repairs were made.  (Picture below)


Then, Friday night late many sirens were heard, and in the morning we found out that there had been a fire at the main mercado.  A short circuit started in a clothing store that burned the inventory and then spread, ultimately damaging 14 stores.  The mercado has been in the papers recently as the city has been trying to figure out what to do to improve circulation as there are lots of vendors around the outside that impede pedestrian traffic.  But now it seems that the whole Mercado needs an overhaul, especially the electrical systems. (Picture from the morning after, below)


But on a good note, the house I showed you a month or so ago as about to undergo renovation is going full swing, and a picture is below.  (I couldn’t resist snapping it with the guy straddling the roof!)


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Absolutely awesome buildings worth saving. Would love to live in one myself, only a dream so far. I love the pictures of your place. How old is it?

    1. We have been avidly watching the demolition of the kiosko at Parque Zaragoza. It is amazing how things are done here. The guys were going after the roof with a jackhammer – while they were standing on it!

      1. Ric, Centro is pretty amazing, for sure. Our house was built in about 1898.

        John, One picture in the paper of the Belmar overhang showed people standing under the same age overhang on the opposite side of the entrance! Sheesh!

        Leobardo, Thank you so much for those links! I need to remember that when I have trouble reading an entire article in spanish that I can get some help with an online version and a translator. Thank you!

        Jennifer, It has been a fun process to watch… I am surprised there aren’t more people hurt, though. The paper said they were replacing the kiosko with a French style one… I assume that means a more traditional wrought iron ornate one – I hope so. Plazuela Zaragoza has always been one of my favorite plazas, I am excited for the transformation.

    1. Yikes, am I going to need to pack a hardhat next time I visit Maz Old Town?

      Can’t believe they halted renovation of sidewalks! If Maz needs anything, it needs sidewalk renovation. What, were they historic sidewalks or something? Or did somebody not get paid off?

      1. 1st Mate,

        Unfortunately they weren’t renovating sidewalks anywhere! They are in the process of renovating the entire Plazuela Zaragoza, sidewalks included… and the work is back on now. The work at the Mercado hasn’t been fully defined yet, but roofs, gas tank consolidation, electrical, and something about all the vendors and their awnings that intrude into the sidewalk. I still say bring your hard hat!

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