windy, rainy, stormy — and now over!

October 22, 2009

Puerto Viejo took a beating!

We survived non-hurricane Rick.  But wow, it was quite a storm.  So in terms of what storm categories mean,  we now have an understanding of Tropical Depression and a Tropical Storm. I don’t have any desire to get to know Hurricane!

It started out Tuesday with rain pretty much all day long.  It felt like we were back in Washington – just the constant drizzle contrasted with periods of heavier rain.


The Plaza de los Leones was a mess!

In the early morning of Wednesday the storm started.  Crashing rain, howling winds, screeching, banging, the whole thing.  Paul slept while the dogs snuck onto the bed but I roamed the house, checking on windows that worked themselves loose and investigating weird sounds.  Finally I sat with my audio book and knitting and knit until daybreak.  The storm kept on an on and on.  There were lots of big up and down winds (I think they are called micro bursts) that are quite strange.  Most of the plants on our upstairs (very exposed) patio were weathering it pretty well, except for the trees.  The eucalyptus, orchid tree and one of the bananas were over on their sides.  The fountain rain gauge showed we had about six inches of rain.


More mess at the Plazuela Machado

Around six or so the wind stopped.  By then Paul was up and we decided we were lucky to still have power (it had gone on and off all night but just for a few minutes at a time) so we made some coffee and unbelievable read the paper that had been delivered.  We were pretty sure the calm we were experiencing was the eye of the storm passing above us.  What a feeling!


The family of trees on Belisario Dominguez lost one of its own

And then it started raining, big ten peso size raindrops to warm up to more deluge and a roaring storm that can’t even be described.  I had heard the freight train noise described for hurricanes before, well we heard it yesterday, for sure.  We heard glass breaking as windows on the ruin across the street flapped.  Tinaco lids flew.  Our three story tall bamboo broke off and flew.  The top of the next door avocado tree broke off and flew.

Around town, many trees went down and there were lots of broken windows.  Favorite bar Puerto Viejo lost its roof and mysteriously had a surfboard imbedded in it.  The storm raved for a couple more hours and then finally it seemed like it might be over.  Paul and I headed out to see what was going on around Centro.  The waves at Olas Altas were incredible.

We walked around, talking to everyone about the experience and what we all needed to do to clean up.  And then we headed home to clean up at our place.  We’ve made a dent in the mess, four big plastic bags so far and I haven’t even started on the bamboo or the bougainvillea.  Towards dinner time we wanted to take a drive and see what the rest of town looked like, and lo and behold Zab Thai was open so we had Thai food at the end of a historic day.

The newspaper has a very good video on You Tube of the storm.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Good record of the event (or should I say non-event) Nancy. Despite its dissipation, it still wreaked havoc here and there, and blew off much of the paint on our house! We hve big psoriatic looking patches all over the front..muy feo. Didn’t realize PV had so much damage…we are meeting someone there in a few minutes to look at a house on Cerro de Vigia.

    1. Even with thegarden damage, I am glad to hear that you and Paul are well. Odd summer this. Even when it is fall.

    1. Nancy & Paul,
      I am glad that you and your home made it through the storm! I am amazed to see that Plazuela Machado was partially under water. I have only seen it dry and dusty. How much total rain did you measure after the eye passed by? Stay safe & watch out for the new crop of mosquitoes. A bonus is the water reservoir’s are full in the mountains now!

      1. Thanks everyone! Seems like I sort of neglected to comment back. Ooops. By the way, check out Leobardo’s photos, they are really awesome. Thanks for sharing them!

    1. I’m amazed that it was just a tropical storm, it looks and sounds like it was at least a cat 1. Glad you are all well and safe. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they put things to rights here?

      1. Jonna, You know old-timers here have suggested it seemed more like a category 1. The city is already getting put back together, although there are some mammoth piles of tree limbs here and there still.

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