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September 25, 2009

We have been off goofing around with daughter Jess instead of blogging… here is a peek into what we were up to for the last week.  Along with reading, talking, coffee drinking, dog walking, and all the rest.

She got in Friday afternoon, and our previous post showed the delicious cupcakes we devoured and the beautiful sunset we enjoyed from the top of the Freeman Hotel in Centro.

Saturday we took a drive up to El Quelite and had lunch at Los Laureanos.  It was a relaxing day, the meal was good, and we were able to show her some of the beautiful countryside around here.  We dined out at Le Sorelle fairly late and then walked home through the Plazuela Machado to absorb the ambiance of a Saturday night.

Sunday we got up and headed out in a pulmonia to the tianguis at Juarez without even a cup of coffee.  We knew there would be goodies there (we had agua frescas) and we wanted to get there early before all the good stuff was gone.  Jess bought a 70’s dress and I bought a bag of the cutest little apples, but we didn’t find anything else that we couldn’t live without. Afterwards, we grabbed a pulmonia and had him take us to our favorite Sunday breakfast restaurant, Panamá near the Cathedral.  We had a wonderful breakfast that kept us full until late in the day. After relaxing at home for a while, in the afternoon we changed into swimsuits and headed to a palapa restaurant at Playa Norte for a swim and a beer.  Or maybe a couple of swims and a couple of beers!  It was a wonderful afternoon and we felt the glow.

Monday Paul had work to do in the morning so Jess and I headed out to go shopping.  She is a freelance florist and loves to make her own aprons, so we had a blast at the fabric store.  She bought six or seven different fabrics of a meter or two each. Then we went to the heavy oilcloth place and she got a couple of meters of those for aprons, too.  Of course I had to drag her to the dulceria and then to Ley for ingredients for the tortilla soup we made for dinner that night.  (I got the recipe from Joy in Mexico City.) Later we headed to friends’ for a drink and then the delicious tortilla soup and a movie at home.

Tuesday we let Paul work in the morning again and then jumped into swimsuits, and took a panga over to Isla de la Piedra.  (Stone Island)  It was pretty dead over there but we got a prime table at Palapa Estebín and had another wonderful day swimming, drinking beer and coke and eating shrimp.  Later that night we just had to take Jess to Zab Thai for the best Thai food for miles!

Wednesday for our afternoon adventure we decided to head to a hotel in the golden zone to enjoy a pool experience.  Hotel Las Flores had no problem with us using the pool and eating lunch along with their hotel guests and also some people who were day tripping from a cruise ship.  In the  evening we headed to Pizza Moreno and had their wonderful pizza and pasta.

Thursday afternoon we drove out to Playa Bruja to have lunch at the restaurant there and watch the surfers.  We got a great table and enjoyed the breeze and the three piece ranchera group for several hours.  We were still so full from lunch that we just ate a few crackers that night for dinner!

Friday we headed to the airport to send her back home.  I can’t believe that the visit went so fast!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy – Sounds like a great week. We will be having guests this winter and I have wondered what to do with them so they get a feel for Maz. Sounds like if we do exactly what you did last week they’ll have a great time.

      36 days to go until we get back.

      1. Jillian, Yes, Jess has a cool job. She’s been a talented florist since high school – Seattle, San Francisco and now NYC. She works for some big names and sometimes gets flown across the world for fancy shindigs in Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, etc. Pretty cool!

        Sandie and Mike, I can’t believe it’s only 36 days until you get back! And I highly recommend our Maz visitor plan!

    1. Those would have been MY perfect day plans, too, and can’t wait to implement them with a visitor or two of our own. Copala is interesting too, but a fair jaunt away. Heading to Bruja in a few minutes for an early morning swim with a friend. Isn’t life grand!?

      1. Zoe, Yes, it was a whole string of perfect days! Copala is a nice trip, too, probably nice and cool there this time of year. Have fun at Playa Bruja!

        Jackie, It really wasn’t that busy, a very relaxed visit.

        IslaGringo, We had a blast, it’s always nice when someone comes to visit so you really get out and do and see more. Fun!

    1. Wow, wish I was in your family!! That sounds like the ideal week for a vacation, I can see that we share similar ideas on how to enjoy ourselves. Again so glad you have this blog and we can keep up with you and imagine life South of the Border.

      1. Lise, It’s so nice to hear from you, yes, it was pretty much the perfect week! I hope you and your family are happy and well. Take care.

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