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October 19, 2009

Rick. That’s right, Hurricane Rick.  Below is a short video of the waves and sky at Olas Altas this morning.  (It’s a different one from the one I posted to Facebook) We are hoping that he loses steam and when he comes ashore it is just some stormy weather and rain. We are really, really hoping that. If any of you would like to see the sites that we’re using to track him, my favorite is eebmike.  I think eebmike is well used by boaters on the Pacific coast of Mexico. (Pacific!  HA!)  Then there is NOAA and finally one that is new to me this year, PassageWeather.

We’ve stocked up on water, canned goods, batteries, candles, etc.  I have filled every space in the freezer with plastic containers of ice so we can use the cooler for a few things.  I’ve charged up the iPod. I’ve done the laundry.  We bought charcoal for our little grill.  We also told family that if they don’t hear from us or can’t get through to touch base with our son and his wife in Mexico City.  We will try to get in touch with them via cell phone to let them know we are ok.  I know it sounds alarmist, but having a contact person outside of your area is a good thing to set up.

In all my reading of various weather websites lately I had a question answered – I had been wondering what the ocean temperature is near Mazatlan.  Below is a photo taken from eebmike that shows the water temperature in our area.  It shows the water along the coast being around 85 to 87 degrees.  That’s warm!

It is raining right now, and given what we’re reading we may see more rain and wind over the next 24 hours as the storm moves towards us.  Be assured we are doing everything we can to stay safe, and if I don’t post, don’t worry, it probably just means we don’t have power.

And just so you don’t think all I am thinking about is the storm, check out the wrap I am working on right now, below.  Pattern is here.

Clementine Shawlette

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. You dont have any thing to worry about a Huracan here in Mazatlan the most dangerous thing that you can face on a huracan its fall trees and no more than half day without electricity.

      In fact popular belive says that since the “Virgen de la Puntilla” was raised on the dock no huracan had hitted the city … the fishermen raised this Virgen because a hurican that take many fishermen lifes about 30 years ago. Belive me my grandpa its fisherman here is some information

    1. God bless and keep you safe. BTW, you are making me think about taking up knitting again. Love the shawl you are working on.

      1. Leobardo, I am so glad that you don’t think the hurricane will come or do much damage. The weather reports make it look like that now, too. Love the link, thank you!

        IslaGringo, Will do!

        Mexican Trailrunner, Thank you! It seems to be weakening, I have my fingers crossed.

        Billie, Thank you… we will be fine. And I am having so much fun knitting now that I have more time. I bet you have some beautiful wools to buy in your area, too.

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