Bye-Bye Birdies

April 20, 2008

Yesterday we returned the baby parrots to Conrehabit. We’d taken care of them for more than two weeks, and it was time for us to get back to studying our Spanish, which we’d been neglecting during their time with us. Not to mention laundry and other household chores.

When we got back from dropping them off and were unloading the empty laundry basket/cage from the back of the car, guess what! One little scamp had hitchhiked back home with us! So we took little Iggy (Paul called all the bald ones Iggy) inside and he spent another night with us. Below is a picture of him eating out of a dish. He was a perfect little gentleman, never spilling a drop.


The first week we had the birds here it was a lot of work but a lot of fun. I would be sore by the end of the day from standing for so long while we fed them, but after a good night’s sleep we’d be anxious to see them for their morning feeding.

As we started into the second week though, we had several birds die. Not just ones that we suspected weren’t thriving, either. We were told that after being in captivity a week, some birds will just die. We knew we were doing a good thing for most of them, but it was still hard to deal with. All in all, we lost 10 birds.

This afternoon we went to deliver Iggy back to his flock-mates and had planned on helping with the 1 pm feeding. But we were happy to see a lot of people feeding the birds when we got there and we were told they had enough helpers for the feeding. I really hope this keeps up, as they expect it to be around 3-4 months before they’ll be self-sufficient enough to be set free.

We skipped the benefit this afternoon to do some grocery shopping and come home to study. And I will say, the house seems really quiet right now.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Well done!

      So I guess that makes you empty nesters now!


    1. I have been reading your blog for quite some time. I have been enjoying following the bird story. How cool to do such a kind and interesting thing!! BEAUTIFUL!!

    1. 50 birds! You guys are amazing. So sad about those who didn’t make it. It must have been very sad for you.

    1. Thanks for your comments!

      We were glad to take care of the little ones, but it was really hard to lose so many.

      One of the people supervising said that an 80% survival rate would be great and that 50% wouldn’t be unheard of, so I guess our 80% is something we should be satisfied with.

      I think captivity is hard on them, and some of them were extremely young or had physical problems so that they probably wouldn’t have survived in the nest.

      All in all we are happy we did it, but it will probably still be a few more days before I don’t look for them every time I head to the laundry room.

      And Todd, I thought about finally doing the breakfast post but didn’t think people would be interested in what breakfast has been like around here for the last couple of weeks!

    1. You guys are great!

      Maybe that little stowaway was trying to tell you that he wanted to stay with you!

      Congrats on a wonderful job with the little guys. I’m going to miss them!

    1. Hola!

      Just wanted to tell you that I love your home in Mexico … Sorry to post my commment here but i do not know where else to do it! my family and I are thinking on moving to mexico too!!! (Guadalajara) The diference here is that I’m mexican! But it’s a lot of work!!! I Have a lot of questions, and your blog is helping me a LOT! Thank you and keep having fun there!!! Here in Vancouver (canada) it’s very cold! Take care … Cynthia (please forgive my english!)

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