Old-style Mexican construction…part two

October 8, 2008

For those of you interested in remodeling and construction in Mexico, here’s an update on the status of our backyard remodeling project.  The first installment is here.  I am keeping a photo gallery on the project here.

The previous installment left the project with the wood supports inserted in the wall (for the new roof) and the new slab poured.

Since then, there has been a lot of progress.  First they had to raise the salvage wood posts.  These things are so heavy that they are almost petrified – you can hardly see the grain on the cut ends!  And cutting them is an ordeal.  So, to raise them they used a block and tackle. (see top)

Then they needed to start putting up some cross beams to stabilize the posts.


After that came the vigas.


Then they filled in all the flaws in the vigas with resin and then concrete.


They laid tile over the vigas.


In the picture above, can you see the lip with the gutter and the downspouts?  The gutter was failing, and the solution was to knock off the lip and add a row or two of roof tiles so the sala fresca roof drains down onto this new roof.  The next picture shows that project in progress.  The slab has been poured on top of the roof tiles.


The next picture shows the lip they constructed on the roof to keep rainwater from cascading off.  It will be directed to a drain which should be connected today, and the drain pipe will be hidden behind a post.


The last picture I have to show you today is the channels they dug in the wall for the two new sconces (we already had two), two electrical outlets, and two ceiling fans.  There will be lights on the back side of the columns, too.


Oops, one more.  They made a new gate for the door coming from the sala fresca, and it perfectly matches the window protections!


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. We did the same thing with our rainwater run off. Installed PVC since they don’t have downspouts here. You guys are doing such a great job with your house. Taking your time, making sure of what you want. Someday I’ll get back to Mazatlan and I want to see everything….and have my picture taken in front of the gorgeous mural!

    1. Fascinating! I really LOVE those old posts, they are incredible. It’s looking really good, and it will look like it has been there for a hundred years and well maintained at that.

      ps. I have decided I really have to investigate either Word Press or another blogging software. Sigh.

    1. IslaGringo, You are welcome, anytime…although the house beer here is Pacifico!

      Jonna, Thanks, we are excited about the transformation already. And WordPress is great, I really recommend it. So many cool plugins, etc. For example, I love the NextGen Gallery I am using for my photos. Exactly what I wanted. There’s directions on how to redirect from Blogger at http://laffers.net/howtos/howto-redirect-blogger-to-wordpress which had been one of my concerns since the internet keeps track of the old links and you’d want those visitors to come to the new site.

    1. Nancy, I see you’re doing more to your already fantastic house to fuel my jealousy!!! Looks great and I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s done!

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