The body remembers

November 1, 2008

Lucy heading home from a walk – Nov 5, 2006

It’s November today.  I was loafing on the couch listening to music on my MP3 player and knitting.  And all of a sudden I realized that all the music I was choosing was kind of moody, fall-ish music.  And even thought it is a beautiful sunny day here, my body remembers fall.

It’s the time of year where leaves swirl in the air and then land to make colorful arrangements on the grass.  Pumpkins.  The smell of wood smoke.  Lentil soup and crusty bread.  Knitting.  Cold noses.  Gloppy tomatoes rotting in the garden bed.  Black plastic boots with a red stripe at the top.  Rain.

I’m not sad or nostalgic, really.  Just aware of how fifty three years of knowing that kind of fall doesn’t just leave your cellular makeup after just one year in the tropics.  It’s in there, really in there, and I’m glad.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. This has been an incredibly beautiful fall in the northwest. The lack of rain really brings out the colors in the leaves. Even after two days of light rain, the trees look almost like Vermont.

    1. This has been a spectacular fall up here in Ontario, Canada as well. The days are crisp and sunny and the evenings cold and clear. The forecast is for another lovely week, but I will be on my way to Mazatlan.

    1. Nancy –

      We’ve been eating a steady diet of hot soups and fall type foods, including our huge turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. I’ve found some great new recipes for soups and today I’m cooking up a big chicken pot pie. I’d trade up the great soups for some nice hot weather though! My feet are constantly cold!

    1. A part of us is always home, isn’t it? The description of your fall memories is quite charming, and has me wishing for cold, wet weather and lentil soup.

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