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May 6, 2008

I just had to put a picture (above) of the retablo we bought in the Mercado San Juan.

To continue, though. Saturday we jumped in their car along with the dogs and headed to Tepotzlán. Adam and Martha have been looking at property there and we wanted to see the town and the property on this trip. John had done a number of posts on the area recently, and with Adam and Martha’s descriptions, we were very intrigued.

The drive was wonderful. Beautiful scenery – very dry and rugged with lots of pine trees. The road was excellent and as you get closer to town the road swings back and forth with great views of the valley and Cuernavaca.

The traffic got a bit congested as we got closer to Tepotzlán because of the long weekend. The town itself is gorgeous – the roads are paved in rock with a pattern of smaller rocks threading through. Many walls have the same kind of pattern. Traffic was slow through town due to several roads being closed, but there were policemen directing traffic.

After an excellent lunch and some Tepoznieves ice cream we browsed through the market. The market had lots of beautiful cutting boards, bowls, spoons, etc.

Then off to see the property. It’s very steep, but the former owner had created stairs and terraces in preparation for building. The property has a wonderful feel and we were enamored with it right away!

The dogs loved exploring the property and Maggie did pretty well for only having three legs!

This is a picture of the surrounding area. Isn’t it beautiful?

On the way home we took the back road trying to find a nursery and then drove through Cuernavaca before heading back to México City. It was a wonderful day and we look forward to many happy days working and goofing around with them there. Maybe we’ll even head out there with a tent if the heat in Mazatlán gets to be too much. Who knows?

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    1. Umm, you might think I’m superstitious, but that retablo doesn’t look harmless. It looks like a black magic (santeria/voodoo) idol. You might scare some of the locals if you put it in your house.

      I personally don’t believe in santeria, but many mexicans do. For their sake, I wouldn’t keep this in my house.

    1. Tepotzlan is a fascinating place and the land is beautiful! What a fun trip ya’ll had….

    1. Looks like a great time! GORGEOUS scenery!!!!!!

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