What In The World Is Happening?

February 22, 2021

Most people I know are good people. Or at least I have always thought they were. These days, I’m not sure what to think. I can’t believe the wholesale refusal by many to live in a world of facts and truth. It truly feels like we are in the End Times, to describe it in words from post-apocalyptic fiction.

The entire world watched with horror as the US Capitol was overtaken by a mob called into action by the previous guy. We watched as George Floyd was murdered. But before that – long before that – the racism in my birth country was out in full force, too. The history of the US is full of racism, from start to… well, finish. Native American genocide. Slavery. Japanese internment. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Korea. Vietnam. The middle East. Family separations at the border. What’s the common thread here? Shameful, shameful, shameful.

In these End Times, lying has no consequence. People are not held to account. The ice is melting, the oceans dying, the forests are burning and an oil rich state is so greedy that it’s people had to chop up furniture to burn and people froze to death in their homes.

I am ashamed of so many people. I am ashamed that in such a rich country people don’t value education and intellect. The mob has such a loud voice that it overpowers the voice of reason and thoughtful discourse. Our Senators disappear when their constituents need them and then lie about it. They vote to acquit a clearly guilty man with no remorse.

What can be done? In a world like this – with a pandemic raging – I guess I’m not surprised that people who don’t care about others will forgo masks and refuse a vaccine. The vaccine will only be effective if enough people get it so there again, their loud, ignorant voices push reason and caring out of the way.

What about people who won’t take a side? There is no way to “see both sides” of the concerns these days. I had an American “friend” who didn’t vote – seriously, didn’t vote – because he didn’t like either choice for President. I cannot count him among my friends any more as I believed the vote last November was the most important of my life. And yours.

This is not just a problem in the US either. Lying and greedy politicians are everywhere around the globe. The gap between rich and poor grows wider every day. Entitled white people take their open carry automatic weapons with them to Walmart and seem to be looking for a fight. They don’t realize that it’s not brown and black people they should pick fights with, it should be the rich. Truly how can there be an argument about a $15 minimum wage?

I have no answers. I believe that with the trajectory we’re on, things won’t end well. I am glad for myself that we are living out these times in a little village that is only a few steps from the simple life of the past. I am trying to use this pandemic time at home to look inwards, to send positivity out and to try my best to understand.

For me, the time at home is a gift. I am using it to really choose who and what to focus my energy on and am trying very hard to not let the mob idiocy steal that focus. It is more important than ever that we take a stand for good, inside ourselves, at the ballot box and when holding our arms out for our vaccine. We must all pull together and reject this hold the mob has over the media and our attention. Are you with me? I hope so.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Bravo! My feelings exactly. I will be leaving Mazatlán for the summer the first week in April……heading to Spokane WA, a hotbed of white nationalism, anti-vaccine/masks, and anti-government sentiment. I am not looking forward to the stay.

      1. Thank you Linda. I have tried so hard to think of topics to write about on the blog, my merry Mexican life, but every thought seems to be overshadowed by this awfulness so I had to give in and share my thoughts. Good luck to you in Spokane, hopefully you will be able to avoid interacting with any mob types. What a world this is, I am grateful to have you standing with me. Have a nice summer.

        1. Perfectly pitched. Thank you for expressing just how I feel and I’m sure most others. Be well, safe and happy.

    1. Have you been offered the vaccine yet? A vaccination program was set up in Cihuatlan. The initial plan was to require appointments, but not enough people signed up electronically, so the program threw the doors open to anyone who showed up. Hundreds have. Including me, last Thursday. The program was experimental with a lot of creative improvisation. I was impressed. The whole process took me just under 4 hours. Some friends were able to get theirs within an hour and a half yesterday. The second jab is tentatively set for mid-April. Overall, it was an impressive job. But there are still a lot of arms to be vaccinated yet.

      I wrote an essay on the experience and received more hate mail than anything else I have written over the past 14 years. The worst comments were from people who are not currently in Mexico.

      1. I have not been offered the vaccine yet but am registered. I will take it at my first opportunity.

      1. Wow Hate mail sorry to hear that…… it is unfortunate that some people are acting this way, is it fear? Can we not find a way to bridge the gap between differing ideals between one another. I am forcing myself to look at each person I meet or read about and try to see the good in each of them. It takes a lot of work but if we all do it it just might work.

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