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December 8, 2020

Today I read the plan for vaccine distribution here in México. While I am amazed and thrilled that such effective vaccines have been developed so quickly I am shocked that they don’t expect to start immunizing the general (under 40) population until June 2021. I know it’s a huge project and they are likely trying to set expectations so everyone doesn’t think our lives will be back to normal very soon. From what I’m reading you can expect the immunization of México to not be complete until March of 2022.

Here is the article in Spanish if you’d like to read it.

It’s kind of a shock to me, even though it probably shouldn’t be. Paul and I have really restricted our lives in order to do our best to stay healthy. We’ve got a comfortable house and thankfully have set up a great workout room – that now includes a rowing machine – and have been keeping our spirits up knowing the vaccine would allow us to get back to normal life soon. Well, in vaccine terms it will as the development has been really fast and the vaccines are more effective than anyone ever expected. But still – March 2022? Good god.

We have been thinking about a trip to Mazatlán as we still have our little house there and are really missing our friends and the beach. But now it seems it won’t be safe to go and actually visit with people for quite a while yet.

So we are sitting here probably much like all of you, trying to find a strategy to keep sane and safe during this final push. We’re tired of this – really tired of it – and I imagine you are, too. I feel fortunate that I don’t have to go to work every day and put myself at risk and that so many things can be delivered to our door. But the mental strain of it all takes its toll and can lead to unsafe behavior. We are doing our best to keep on doing what we’re doing to stay safe and ride it out. I hope you are, too.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I hear you, but if the under 40s are going to get the vaccination in June 2021, doesn’t that mean that the higher priority people, including elders like ourselves, will be before them in the queue? Here in Ontario, the front line health care workers are first priority and will receive the vaccine hopefully beginning in December or early January. Then, the seniors in long-term care. Next will, I think, be the other elders who are not in care. We are hoping that means we will have the vaccine ourselves by the spring of 2021.
      We are also experiencing Covid fatigue. We don’t have a gym to go to ( we are currently in lockdown and our gym is closed) but we go for long daily walks on the trails in our nearby park. Staying safe and trying to keep ourselves occupied. I am in two Zoom book clubs! It is a long haul. So glad you are keeping safe and healthy. Hang in there!

      1. Hi Judith! Nice to hear from you! Yes, the last group to be vaccinated will be the under 40’s. What I have heard (I listen to Andy Slavitt’s podcast In The Bubble for Covid analysis https://www.lemonadamedia.com/show/in-the-bubble/) that we won’t be back to normal until 60-70% of people are vaccinated. Those numbers were from a while ago before they knew the vaccines would have around 90% efficacy but still we can’t just think “If I got my vaccine, I am good” and go around acting normal. Does that make sense? The less people the virus can find to infect is of course the goal to shut down the spread so we need those under 40’s immunized, too. Or a lot of them anyway. Fingers crossed it all goes faster than they say. Take care you two. xoxo

        1. That does make sense. But I am just surprised that they are thinking that it will take nine months to get the under -40s vaccinated. I suppose it will be difficult to reach everyone in a country like Mexico, outside of the major centres. So, it should not be surprising. It will be difficult in remote areas of Canada, too. Fingers crossed for all of us. xoxo

          1. Hi Judith, Have you seen this for the US? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/12/03/opinion/covid-19-vaccine-timeline.html It’s a form to fill out to see when someone will get the vaccine based on their age and other factors. I put in a 40 year old with no comorbidities and it was almost at the end of the line. I think one of the challenges in getting so many people vaccinated is that it is two doses so it really doubles the effort I think. Love to you and Ken. xoxo

            1. Oh, I see, it becomes clearer. Yes, getting the two doses will be a huge challenge logistically. Love back to you and Paul. xoxo

    1. Is the photo from your garden? It’s beautiful!

      I also read this week that masks are still recommended even after you’ve been vaccinated but no reason was given. I’ll just be happy if you and Paul can come for dinner every now and then once we’ve all been vaccinated. Keeping my fingers crossed for soon.

      1. Hi Deborah, Yes the pic is from our garden, thank you! I think the mask thing is because you won’t be considered immunized until a week after the second shot and also because it is only 90% so until everyone gets immunized there will still be virus circulating out there so we will still need a mask. Good god. I really look forward to us being able to get together again, just have to be patient a bit more I guess. xoxo

    1. Your garden flowers are gorgeous! Like you, Les and I are tired of this, of course. I do have to shake myself sometimes, though, because we are comfortable and healthy and I just have to remind myself of this from time to time. We’re in California which is now on total lockdown again for the next three weeks. We haven’t returned to Mazatlán because we feel safe, although isolated, in our little bubble. Leaving to enter another environment just doesn’t feel prudent. I also fear that it would be harder to isolate in beautiful Mazatlán – I think I would be too tempted to go hear music or go out to dinner. So, we’ll wait. Ni modo. Les and I send you a warm abrazo and our very best wishes for the new year – a much better new year.

      1. Hi Suanna, That’s a great reminder – to be grateful for what we have, especially right now. I agree about just staying home, it would be too tempting to be out and about too much in Maz. Hopefully we’ll see you and Les there sometime – but who knows when, right? xoxoxo

    1. I was doing okay, leading my busy but limited life, then wham…got the call that i had been in contact with someone with covid. So my life stopped and I went into REAL quarantine…thank goodness I have hobbies! Now that I am officially negativa (as of three days ago) I am reconsidering everything and trying to minimize my life even more…do NOT want to go through that again. Hang in their friends, I know the tunnel is a long one but there IS a little pinhole of light out there. Sending big hugs across the few kilometers, from our home to yours! Xoxo

      1. Oh Mary,, how scary. So glad you are well and I hope your contact is ok, too. This is scary stuff! Big hugs back to you and Tom… what would we do without our hobbies these days? xoxo

    1. Love that photo from your garden. It would make a great greeting card cover. Here in BC we are in a strict lockdown until the 8th of January. No visiting with anyone inside nor outside of your home. Non essential travel even within the province is expected. Christmas has been cancelled. That does not bother me but I am so tired of just being here. It is sort of like I am feeling claustrophobic here within the entire country of Canada. I do not like having lost the freedom to do what I want. Many of course continue to break rules for their peace of mind. So I sit, read and enjoy wine, perhaps too much of it. What sustains me is that we should be back on the Isla by next November. I had read that it will be closer to the end of 2023 before we get back to a near normal semblance of life, physically and economically.
      Our greatest dilemma is if we should give up all travel ( ie our trip to Egypt ) and stick to RVing. If we deicide that, then we will get two new puppies. However, because of Covid the wait is just over a year. Sigh!

      1. Hi Contessa, Yes it is getting wearisome, isn’t it? I have to say I am rooting for new puppies but that’s just me. Merry Christmas and all the best to you and Colin.

    1. I am very tired of it also, but it must be accepted to stay safe, to survive the major adjustment to our lifestyles. I am really so tired of people that think they are smarter than the doctors, smarter than the scientists, and hinging everyone’s lives on the fact they it is just really they don’t want to be inconvenienced. There is no question any longer, as to why they don’t get it. They get it. They just choose to ignore the mask wearing and distancing, because heck, last week they went out drinking and dancing, or table hopping while at dinner and nothing happened… Or I’ve even seen a few people run up and hug each other and I swear it almost as if to say, “look how much I love you! I’ll risk my life to greet you, to heck with the pandemic!” I know that some people just forget because our whole life we have been trained to greet our friends with a handshake or a hug. Old habits are tough to break. I hope I don’t get sick or worse from being around those that won’t be inconvenienced.

      1. Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for commenting, please do everything you can to stay safe! I am really tired too of people who don’t get it, I just had to delete two horrible comments calling me horrible names for saying I would have the vaccine. What a time this is, I just hope for a future with more understanding and kindness. Take care my friend.

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