Still no rain in Mazatlán

August 2, 2012

So far the rainy season has been a bust here in Mazatlán.  Most years the rains start very close to June 24.  So that’s six weeks ago.  Since then we’ve had only one real rain.  That was a biggie, too – over two days we got around six inches!  But since then, nada.

There’ve been a couple of times that the pavement got wet and we hoped it would come crashing down, but no.

Last night the thunder started rumbling as we left the first night of the August film series at El Recreo  and by the time we’d walked home our hopes were high for a real rain. I headed to the roof with my current camera (more on that in a minute) to see what the heat lightning was up to.  A short video is below:

The picture at the top of the post is a screen grab from the video.  The reason I bring that up is that I am heading to the US this weekend to visit family and my new camera is waiting for me.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I like a small camera that I can take everywhere with me – and the Sony Cybershot W570 I have now has done a very good job for me.  But sometimes a blogger just needs a new toy, and I am looking forward to shooting photos and video with my new Sony RX100 camera.  It is a big step up in quality for me – but without adding size.  One of the things it will do, among others, is snap a still picture while you’re shooting video. (So now you know why I brought that up!) It should also do a lot better with night-time video like the one above.

Also waiting for me up in the US are my son and his wife and two grandkids. I am looking forward to lots of family time, and I believe we’ll head to Seattle one day to see the King Tut exhibit.  I saw it back in the 80’s but it will be the first time for the kids.

I hope to have time before I go to get out and take some photos of the construction work as it winds up here in Centro.  It’s been a long project but I think they’re actually about to the finish line.  So stay tuned!

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    1. The camera sounds exciting. Have a great trip & visit. Good thing I won the contest or you would all still be waiting:)

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